Taiwans new Cabinet is known as the Loser Alliance: the fewer votes, the bigger the number of officials.

 Taiwans new Cabinet is known as the Loser Alliance: the fewer votes, the bigger the number of officials.

Todays good meeting is very exciting. He meets the rivers and lakes everyday. Then when we have a cup of wine and talk, lets say goodbye to him. On the morning of November 11, Lai Qingde held a temporary Executive Council Meeting to officially announce the general resignation of the Cabinet. Towards the end of his speech, he quoted a passage from Jin Yongs novel The Sculptor and Chivalrous Man and said, We meet here and break up here. If we are lucky, we will meet again on the road to Taiwans growth.

Subsequently, Cai held a press conference in the Presidential Palace, announcing that Su Zhenchang, the former president of the executive, would take over. Cai expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Lai Ching-de for sticking to his post until the last moment, and to Su Zhengchang for returning to the pot, she said that Taiwan was facing a series of challenges and needed veterans like Su Zhengchang to work hard. Lai Qingde then called Su Zhengchang first worship (referring to the predecessors) in Cai English, and in baseball terminology, I am a relay pitcher, Su Zhengchang is the terminator.

More than a year ago, the same scene, the same press conference, that day the outgoing Cabinet Mao Lin all relaxed look, today all copied in the face of Lai Qingde. Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper on November 11 described that Lin Quan, who was bald at that time, was replaced by a hairy Lai Ching-de. This morning, Lai Ching-de unloaded his burden, and his head was so thick that he could manipulate Liu Hais Lai Ching-de and replace it with a bald Su Zhengchang.

However, Su Zhenchang, who has been dormant for many years, apparently does not care about carrying more burdens. Su Zhengchang quoted former British Prime Minister Churchill at a press conference as saying, Victory is not the end, failure is not the end. Churchill, a second-time senior Prime Minister, was supported by the Queen of England and made brilliant achievements for Britain. I thank Cai English for giving me the opportunity and support...

For this wave of personnel adjustment, Green Camp Corner expressed its approval. Cai Qichang, deputy president of the Legislative Yuan, said that Su Mai Pai was a good combination. Su Zhengchang was appointed as a cabinet warlord, that is, fighting force. Chen Qimai had long been in the Legislative Yuan and had administrative experience. Ye Yijin, a Democratic Progressive Party legislator, said she had high expectations for the new group.

Blue camp was full of sarcasm. Tang Deming, deputy chairman of the KMTs Cultural Heritage Association, said that as the DPPs four defeated candidates, Su Zhengchang succeeded in organizing the cabinet and Chen Qimai took over from the cabinet warlord. Lin Jialong might take over the Ministry of Communications and be absent from Yao Wenzhi in Taipei City. Maybe Su Zhengchang could carefully consider asking Yao Wenzhi to act as a spokesperson. After all, the Loser Alliance should not be one of the three. The Kuomintangs legislator Lai Shibao even mocked that the more votes lost, the bigger the official position, which is an amazing political ethic. He angrily criticized the losing coalition and discredited Taiwans light of democracy to the international community.

The British BBC Chinese website said Wednesday that Lai Ching-de, who had a background of Taiwan independence, was regarded as a strong candidate of the DPP in the Mesozoic era. Now the halo has faded after he announced his resignation, and his one and a half-year reign has suffered mixed reputations. However, the islands media interpreted Lais farewell remarks, believing that if there is meaning, he will rise again in the whirlwind. Some people in the Green Camp said that Lai Qingde might study abroad next. Cai Qichang said he believed that he would not be absent in the 2020 elections. He must be the best candidate for President Cai.

So, who is Su Zhenchang? Su Zhenchang, born in 1947, has a high rank in the Party. He has been successive County governor, secretary-general of the Presidential Palace, president of the Democratic Progressive Party and President of the Executive Yuan. Su Zhenchang used to like quoting classics with young people, but found it difficult to resonate with them, so he began to learn the language of young people, the Central News Agency said Wednesday. At the end of last year, he continued to work on the Internet after losing the election. He often asked his staff, What are we going to broadcast live today?

Su Zhenchangs superiority made his relationship with Cai Yingwen focus again. According to the Hong Kong China News Agency, Sus style is strong and his interaction with Cai English is not good in the past. Chen Shuibian describes the relationship between Cai and Su in terms of incompatibility between fire and water. It is understood that when Su Zhenchang was President of the Executive during Chen Shuibians period, Cai Yingwen was his deputy. They were often in a cold war state. Su Zhenchang had more than once proposed replacing Cai Yingchang, and now the Deputy became President. The words of the two men at the press conference on November 11 were also regarded as words in words. Cai Yingwen praised Su Zhenchang for his experience, courage and execution, but also said that President Su lost... Su responded with Churchill.

Indeed, in recent years, most of the elections in which Su Zhenchang participated ended in failure. For example, in 2008, Xie Changting and his partner ran for president and vice-president, which was defeated by Ma Ying-jeou; in 2010, they ran for mayor of Taipei and lost to Hao Longbin; in 2011, they lost to Cai Ying in the Democratic Progressive Partys primary election; and in April last year, they returned to Jianghu to run for mayor of Xinbei, which was also a tragic defeat.

Their entanglement has become a hot topic on the PTT of Taiwan Internet Forum. Because on 28 last month, Cai Yingwen also vowed to stay on Lai Chingde, saying to Su Zhenchangs rumor of forming a cabinet that I did not mention it, where did he come to agree? Nowadays, netizens find that the candidates have already been found, so they turn over the past remarks and bombard Cai English as the source of false news: The false news is closed for three days, who will it be this time?

The DPP is optimistic about Cai Sus collocation. The Democratic Progressive Partys legislator Xu Zhijie said that after years of hardening, their hearts and minds had passed, and they could turn to know each other and cherish each other. Besides, Chen Ju, Secretary-General of the Presidential Palace, was also used as a lubricant. Kuomintang side said that Cai Sus evil people are still impressed, now find Su Huiguo cabinet, not excluding Cai Ying compromise under the pressure of the Green Camp faction. Zeng Mingzong, Secretary of the Kuomintangs Legislative Council, questioned that the reorganization was mainly aimed at Cai Yings efforts to win re-election in 2020, full of political calculations and scoring loot. This was a struggle for politics, not economy.

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