Lippi boasted after the game that any Asian rival can win

 Lippi boasted after the game that any Asian rival can win

3 to 0! This is Lippis minimum consumption against his opponents in Hengda. He played against the Philippines in the second round of the Asian Cup last night. Wu Lei completed his second win in the national team, and Fu will score when Dabao touches the ball for the first time. The National Football Team qualified for the top 16 of the Asian Cup one round ahead of schedule. The third round of the match against South Korea will determine whether the National Football Team can qualify as the first team in the group.

At the press conference after the match, Lippi was quite satisfied with the performance of the football team. We played a very good goal, created many chances and scored three goals. I congratulate my players on winning! For Wu Lei, who scored two goals, Lippi said, He did very well. He developed his offensive ability and the ability to seize opportunities. I hope he can go to a team that suits him in Europe and improve his abilities. Lippi also admitted that before Wulei scored, he was a little nervous. The team made some small mistakes, but the team slowly adjusted in place, I am very proud that they can win this victory. Lippi further said, First of all, our goal is to get out of the line, which has been achieved. I have always stressed that as long as my players play with confidence and level, they can win. In Asia, we can win any opponent! As long as we play aggressively and confidently, we can win. With every opponent, we can fight it.

Philippine coach Eriksson also praised Wu Lei. He is the best shooter in China. He was able to win the Sagittarius King in the big man like cloud in the Chinese Super League, proving his strength. Eriksson also believes that Wu Lei has absolute strength to play in Europe. He can play in many European League teams. But hes doing well in Shanghai. I dont think European clubs can afford his annual salary.

In Game 3, Lippi said that the team had already been out of the group, so there would be rotation. We want to win, but we have six points in hand. Our choice must be smart and secure. I wont replace 11 people, but some tired and injured people will be rested.

Six points in the hand is not in the slightest flurry! uuuuuuuuuu Lippi: Its safe. Korea will rotate.

In the second round of the Asian Cup group tournament, the FIFA defeated the Philippines 3-0 and got out of the group one round ahead of schedule. At the post-match press conference, coach Lippi said: We played a good game, high quality, aggressive, created many opportunities and scored three goals. I hope the next game will be the same as today. Now we have 6 points in hand, the choice should be more secure, injured, licensed players may take the final round of rest, but I will not replace all 11 people.