Six and a half days for the opening of the second session of the 13th Beijing Political Consultative Conference

 Six and a half days for the opening of the second session of the 13th Beijing Political Consultative Conference

The second session of the 13th Beijing Newspaper Information Municipal Consultative Conference opened this afternoon for six and a half days. At 3 p.m., the meeting heard a report on the work of the 13th Standing Committee of the CPPCC.

Yesterday, the CPPCC members met and lived in Beijing International Conference Center, Wuzhou Grand Hotel and Wuzhou Crown International Hotel. The staff are arranging the venue in an orderly and tense manner.

Yesterday, the staff of Beijing International Conference Center arranged the venue for the second session of the 13th CPPCC.

Beijing International Conference Center, staff layout of the 13th second session of the Municipal Consultative Conference venue distribution map.

It is understood that all the work of the General Assembly is now ready. In accordance with the agenda of the meeting, members of Hong Kong and Macao reported all day yesterday, and other members reported from 8.30 to 10 a.m. this morning.

Crown International Hotel of Five Continents, Hong Kong and Macao members report.

Arrange joint seminars on optimizing business environment and other topics

Reporters learned from the Beijing CPPCC that the second session of the 13th CPPCC was held from January 12 to January 18 for six and a half days.

According to Yan Liqiang, the Secretary-General of the CPPCC, in the past year, CPPCC organizations have participated in two important legislative consultations on local laws and regulations, conducted 16 special supervision and supervisory investigations, examined 1028 proposals for filing cases, and played a unique role in helping the CPC Committee and government coordinate relations, resolve contradictions, straighten out emotions and cohere consensus.

He said that in order to hold the conference well, the Secretariat of the General Assembly would study, coordinate and implement the preparations for the Conference. Each functional group carries out its duties and cooperates with each other. Detailed work plans have been formulated and carefully implemented. At present, the preparations for the conference are progressing in an orderly manner and are ready.

In addition to organizing the opening, closing, speech and group meetings, the conference will further explore the historical and cultural heritage of the capital, promote the construction of the national cultural center, continue to optimize the business environment, promote the healthy development of private economy, implement the strategy of rural revitalization, promote the construction of beautiful countryside, comprehensively strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, and build a beautiful Beijing with blue water, clean land and green land. Five joint seminars were held on the theme of promoting the modernization of education and making education satisfactory to the people.

Leaders of Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will attend the meeting to listen to their opinions.

At the same time, the conference will hold two symposiums on the theme of taking scientific and technological innovation as the guide, promoting the high-quality development of the capitals economy and Implementing Beijings urban master plan and improving the level of rule of law in urban governance. Opening meeting, conference speech and a joint discussion will be broadcast live through television and internet.

During the meeting, the leaders of Beijing Municipal Committee and Municipal Government will attend the meeting to listen to opinions and exchange views with members. As in last year, members will continue to attend the second session of the 15th Beijing Peoples Congress, listen to the work report of the Beijing Municipal Government, the work report of the Beijing Higher Peoples Court and the work report of the Beijing Peoples Procuratorate.


New emblem for conference? From plane to solid

Yesterday morning, the reporter visited the Beijing International Conference Center and the Wuzhou Grand Hotel and Crown International Hotel where the members stayed.

The reporter noticed that the security equipment at the entrance of the hotel had been installed, and staff were waiting everywhere. The banner of the main venue was hanging high and the final arrangement was under way.

According to Lv Yihong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing International Conference Center and Beijing Wuzhou Hotel, there is a big difference in the layout of the venue this year. The new emblem was opened at the CPPCC Conference. The emblem was hollowed out and thickened, uneven, and weighed 185 kilograms. It changed from plane to three-dimensional. The overall feeling is different.

Lu Yihong said that after receiving the plan, the enterprise docked with the manufacturer in advance, matched with the enterprise suspender according to the weight, size and other parameters, and tried to hang in advance to ensure that nothing is wrong. The staff of the emblem are very careful in handling and storing. Every place represented by the emblem red map of China can be clearly reflected.

Unlike last year, when all members stayed at Wuzhou Hotel, reporters learned that this year the members were based at Wuzhou Hotel and Wuzhou Crown International Hotel. Among them, members of the Municipal Association of Hong Kong and Macao and consultants working with overseas Chinese from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan live at Crown International Hotel in five continents. This is also the first time that Crown International Hotel Wuzhou has hosted a political conference.

Cui Fushui, general manager of Wuzhou Crown International Hotel, introduced that although it was the first time to receive the political association, the hotel had received major international events such as the Asian Games and accumulated a lot of conference reception experience. According to the dietary preferences and accommodation habits of Hong Kong and Macao members, we have made some arrangements to let them feel the warmth of their homes here. Cui Fushui said.

It is understood that the two hotels held several communication meetings in accordance with the unified standards in reception to train service personnel and ensure the quality of service. The conference is still organized in accordance with the requirements of frugality and strict implementation of relevant standards.

Reporters learned from the scene that this year, members of the CPPCC will eat more dishes during the meeting, which will have more choices.

According to Lu Yihong, this years main dishes are healthy and homely. They are innovative in taste, color and collocation. The renewal rate of dishes reaches 35%. It is understood that in order to cope with the cooling weather and the recent flu, ginger syrup and tremella soup are included in the hot drink supply this year.

Source: Wang Zheng_N7526, responsible editor of Beijing News