CES Observation: Intelligent Applications Blossom All-round Land, Sea and Air New Products Worth Attention

 CES Observation: Intelligent Applications Blossom All-round Land, Sea and Air New Products Worth Attention

Las Vegas CES 2019 Live Report

The 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (hereinafter referred to as the CES Exhibition) is about to end in Las Vegas, USA. This year is the 52nd year that CES has passed. Although it has passed the age of knowing fate, it has not affected its influence and innovation in the science and technology industry. Every year tens of thousands of people from all over the world gather in Las Vegas to pay attention to the prosperity of science and technology. Meeting. Certainly, CES has also become a platform for manufacturers of mobile phone digital, black and white electricity, computers, smart cars, smart home products and wearable devices to announce plans and launch new products.

CES is still bringing together the worlds top electronic consumer exhibitors this year. According to the Consumer Technology Association, CES 2019 will have 4,500 exhibitors, 2.75 million square feet of exhibition space and 180,000 participants from 155 countries. Among these exhibitors, the lineup from the Chinese Legion is also very large. According to CES official website, the number of exhibitors from China this year totals 1210, accounting for about 1/4 of the total number of exhibitors. Overall, China is still the second largest group of exhibitors after the United States.

Netease Technologies went to Las Vegas to give a full coverage of the conference. In the first big science and technology party after the New Year, we see various technology manufacturers come to this show one after another, take out their killer mace to compete for innovative technology, in order to lead this era. For example: automobile manufacturers use concept cars to match face value and intelligence; home power plants use 8K, curved screen and AI screen and voice interaction; e-commerce companies use unmanned vehicles and intelligent speakers to match ecology and convenience; and major innovative companies use unmanned aerial vehicles, robots to design and match the future.

Following Netease Technology, we will resume the CES Exhibition in 2019.

Pick-up value: conceptualization of automobile in traditional automobile factories

It is understood that at this years CES exhibition, about 625 exhibitors involved in automotive technology and self-driving, an increase of 12.61% compared with last year. It can be seen that manufacturers in the automotive field are more and more fond of CES exhibition. It can also be reflected from the side that the development of automobiles is also becoming more and more intelligent and technological.

This year, Mercedes-Benz released a new generation of Mercedes-Benz CLA on the CES scene. The design of this car is similar to that of the previous generation, but it has been better upgraded on the human-computer interaction system. The enhanced and upgraded MBUX has a more natural voice interaction function.

In addition to the new car launch, it also brings the VisionURBANETIC concept car, which is a pure electric self driving vehicle. It can be used as a dual function of ride and business as well as two choices of transport module and cockpit module. It is also known that the VisionURBANETIC concept car has a strong self-learning ability.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz also brought a 738 horsepower electric single-seater car called EQ Silver Arrow, with an average speed of 269 Miles per hour. Its design was inspired by the 1937 version of W125, and its appearance was very cool.

This year at CES, Audi brought the all-concept electric car Aicon, which appeared in 2017. The biggest design of this car is that it has no steering wheel and brake pedal. According to reports, this concept car has L5 level of automatic driving ability, the driver can drive the car without looking at the road, at the same time, a charge can run up to 800 kilometers, charging 30 minutes can achieve 80% of the electricity.

Nissan NISSAN has also brought IMX to CES this year. This concept car is not the latest one to meet you. It has a very textured shape, automatic driving function and sufficient power. According to reports, this concept car is expected to be mass produced in 2020.

It is understood that there are 11 automobile manufacturers participating in the CES exhibition this year, of which only two automobile brands from the Chinese Legion participated in the exhibition this year. They are Baiteng and Red Flag. BYTONM-Byte was brought to the CES exhibition this year. Its biggest highlight is the 49-inch shared full screen. I believe you are not unfamiliar with this car. This year, BYTONM announced the details of the production of this car. It is understood that M-Byte is expected to officially deliver orders to China by the end of this year.

Netease Science and Technology Xiaobian has seen the concept car of the car company on the spot. I feel that every year in the concept car, the competition is more or less beautiful. There is no big difference in the form of basic equipment and human-computer interaction. Of course, for the traditional car company, it is the greatest respect for consumers and car enthusiasts to keep a heart of innovation and reform at all times.

Hardworking Experience: Virtualized Intelligent Cockpit Instead of Full Vehicle

Car manufacturers at this years CES exhibition are not the only criteria for their competition in appearance. Car companies pay more attention to the drivers experience, comfort and visual experience. Compared with technical competition, they are stronger in comfort. Of course, seats are an important product. In visual presentation, car companies will use VR/MR equipment to make their brand more technological. u3002 This year, for example, BMW provided the BMW VisioniNEXT virtual reality test drive experience at its exhibition site. Users can use VR / MR devices to simulate the scene of driving Vision.

In addition, Nissan brings in an I2V Invisible-to-Visible technology, which is the first demonstration of future automobile usage scenarios. The scene shows the integration of autopilot and virtual display through the combination of AR head display and simulation cockpit, and uses brain decoding technology to predict the drivers behavior and adjust it to the best driving experience in real time.

Of course, there is our domestic car brand Red Flag, Red Flag is the first time to participate in the CES exhibition, the first time to participate in the exhibition did not bring the whole car to show, but chose the form of virtual concept warehouse to give the user experience, this smart cabin is called flagship, there are 21 rectangular screens above, cabin, there are five screens, and through VR technology to bring fresh multi-dimensional experience. Travel experience. After Netease Technological Editors on-site experience, I personally feel that the on-site feeling is quite dazzling. Of course, on the CES exhibition site, modern, Kia, Mitsubishi, Toyota and other automobile manufacturers also interact with users through VR technology.

It can be seen that this years CES development, car companies are not only staying in the release of new products and concept cars, more hope to interact with the audience, on the one hand, can quickly collect user feedback, on the other hand, can also enable users to experience their own car more immersive.

Fighting for the Future: Sea, Land and Air Arrive Together to Accelerate Intelligent Travel

If the annual CES exhibition is a large-scale automobile exhibition, I believe that after this year, you will have different views, because this years CES exhibition, in addition to the exhibition of automobile manufacturers, the biggest highlight should be two innovative products, they are not running on the ground, but one is flying in the sky, and the other is swimming in the sea.

First of all, Xiaobian wants to introduce the aircraft called Nexus. In fact, it is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aerial taxi developed by helicopter manufacturer Bell Company. It uses Bells landmark tilting rotor design, and carries six tilting duct fans. Its shape and cool. When the aircraft rises, the fan keeps level, climbs to a certain height, and then the fan adjusts its direction. Vertical, giving power to the aircraft. Its interior is equipped with a large display screen, which can accommodate 4-5 people and load up to 600 pounds. According to the companys plan, the prototype air taxi will be launched in 2020, and mass production and operation will be realized in 2025.

Another eye-catching product is a huge yacht from Furrion Adonis, which is relatively rare in CES exhibition. Yacht is designed by Furrion Company. According to reports, this company is a manufacturing company in the United States that develops all kinds of exotic machines and models. On the booth, you can also see their companys RV truck, which is very luxurious. This company, which you should have heard about last year, was officially launched in CES 2018 last year with a giant bionic competition machine, Prosthesis. This year, the yacht did not give you more information, but invited the audience to board the experience. Through the experience, we found that the interior of the yacht is very luxurious, and intelligent products are also full of them. Television, speakers, electronic equipment, navigation radar, etc., are very eye-catching, and also get more audience queuing experience.

Easy to assemble: Chinese e-commerce group comes to deliver meals and goods without a car

Jingdong and Mei Tuan from Chinas e-commerce platform can be said that Xiaobian was unexpected when he came to the CES on-site transfer, but after seeing the products they displayed, it is not surprising. Although they are all the first time to come to CES for exhibition, they bring the most technological products - unmanned cars.

At this CES exhibition, the unmanned cars displayed in Jingdong are believed to have been heard of by many people. According to reports, it has a variety of specifications and models, and can be equipped with up to 30 pick-up boxes at the same time. In addition, the unmanned distribution vehicle is equipped with a number of visual sensors and radars to construct a three-dimensional environment by generating parallax maps, to detect the size and distance of obstacles, and to control the avoidance of obstacles; secondly, through deep learning algorithm, it can recognize traffic signs and lanes acutely, no matter what illumination and weather conditions, it can ensure that traffic rules are complied with; thirdly, it can pass through. Through the feature-based robot synchronous positioning and mapping technology, the autonomous positioning and map creation of unmanned vehicle are realized. Finally, based on high-precision stereo image data and GNSS satellite positioning system, it can carry out precise route planning and navigation positioning, and the positioning accuracy can reach centimeter level.

In addition, as the first exhibitor, the delegation built a smart city on the spot. Through the interactive zones of the city, the unmanned distribution studio, the smart restaurant and so on, the delegation also showed the indoor and outdoor unmanned distribution vehicle bags, which ran orderly on the sandy road. Visitors could experience the bags encountering traffic lights from a unique perspective through VR technology. Intelligent judgment of gradient road condition and timely braking.

Regarding this CES exhibition as an e-commerce enterprise, Wang Puzhong, Senior Vice President of the delegation, also said in an interview with the media: The delegation has demonstrated to the world the exploration and attempt made by Chinese enterprises to serve peoples life and industrial transformation and development through the advantages of scenario + technology on CES. In the future, we hope to continue to promote the intelligence of the whole industry through sustained technological innovation and investment. Digitalization and supply-side digitization.

Through the personal experience of Xiaobian on the spot, it is found that the current two types of unmanned vehicles have their own characteristics, but the purpose is the same, both for the purpose of convenience and saving manpower. At present, Chinas urban logistics system relies heavily on manpower, and its efficiency, risk and cost are constrained. Unmanned vehicles can solve this pain well and greatly improve the efficiency of distribution. Not only that, e-commerce companies also use smart speakers and other tools to cut into all aspects of life, speed up the layout of smart home, I believe that AIoT has become the next outlet, e-commerce must compete for.

Collaboration: Intelligent products and life scenarios fit more closely

At this years CES exhibition, in addition to all kinds of innovative products and black technology, the word most heard is cooperation. In a global platform such as CES, it is the best time to announce cooperation. This years cooperation is mostly the combination of technology companies and entities. For example, the cooperation announced by BMW Group and Alibaba Group, BMW will adopt Skycat Elves as a new generation of BMW. Vehicle voice interaction system, adapted to the Skycat Elves of the new car will be launched as soon as the fourth quarter of 2019, domestic models will achieve standard matching.

At the same time, Baidu also released the commercial solution Apollo Enterprise for intelligent driving on CES, and launched Baidu Apollo 3.5, which can support complex urban road auto-driving. At the CES conference site, Wima joined Apollo Enterprise formally, and the two sides reached a long-term strategic partnership in L3 and L4 autopilot solutions. According to official disclosure, L3 high-speed automatic driving solution will be mass-produced in 2021.

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Live Shot: DAY3 Black Technology Product Set at CES Exhibition in Las Vegas, USA (Source: ~)

In addition, at this years CES exhibition, unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics companies from China are still attracting much attention. They have made great efforts in product innovation, iteration and diffusion through their close integration with life scenes, and the audience of these exhibition stands is endless.


Evaluating this years CES exhibition, it can be said that the trend of product popularity is more clear. Almost all technology manufacturers are making great efforts on 5G network and solutions. At the same time, in the field of household appliances, 8K, OLED screen, curved surface screen, flexible screen and AI voice interaction are still the most popular topics and trends. It can be seen that AI is still the leading role of the conference and the basis for continuous innovation of major manufacturers.

It is said that 2019 is the second year of AI development. According to the Market Research Report Looking at the AI market from technology and vertical industries - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, from 2018 to 2025, the global AI market is expected to grow from 4.065 billion US dollars in 2016 to 169.411 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 55.6%. With such a rapidly growing market share, it can be said that AI is leading the innovation of global enterprises, whether large enterprise groups or young start-ups.

And let AI technology really apply to peoples life scenes without great details, to give people convenience, that is, the greatest contribution of technological development. At this years CES exhibition, we saw more applications and possibilities of AI. We look forward to next years CES, we will see more application scenarios and industry innovation.

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541