Angel Killer is now being filmed for such a crime.

 Angel Killer is now being filmed for such a crime.

Netease Entertainment reported Jan. 12 that 19-year-old blonde boy committed 11 homicides and 17 robberies with his colleagues in 11 months. His heinous behavior shocked Argentina. The media used the word angel of death to describe him. Since 1973, the murderer has been in prison in Argentina for 45 years. There are many doubts that make him unable to do so. Apply for parole. His crime was filmed in the movie Whats wrong with the Angel to reveal the story behind it.

Carlos Robledo Puch, Argentinas most notorious and longest-serving criminal in history, is completely out of line with the stereotype that murderers should have: curly angel hair, straight nose, big eyes and sexy lips. His parents are hard-working honest people, giving their children the most appropriate education, food and clothing.

He immediately found another accomplice, two people in the next three months again robbed and murdered countless people, but in a hardware robbery, Carlos suspected of being frightened for unknown reasons, even killed his accomplice by mistake. In order to avoid the police pursuing and identifying the body, he used the torch to burn the partys five senses. Even more bizarre, Carloss ID card appeared in the pocket of the body. For this reason, Carlos fell into the net immediately, when he was just 20 years old.

In view of the case he committed, Carlos could not give a reasonable explanation and was classified as a psychopath by the court with unknown motives. For these reasons, according to Argentine law, parole can be applied for after 35 years of life imprisonment, but Carlos failed every year. He even asked the government to parole him in a parole letter, or he would prefer to be executed by injection. But in Argentina, where there is no death penalty, the appeal was rejected, and it is estimated that he may have to stay in prison until he dies of old age.

Whats wrong with the Angels opens on January 18.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Ren Ziqing_NE6384