Schindlers List Rereleased in Taiwan 25 years later

 Schindlers List Rereleased in Taiwan 25 years later

Schindlers List, directed by Stephen Spielberg, grossed $320 million worldwide and won seven Oscar Awards for Best Picture, Director, Original Music, Adapted Screenplay, Photography, Editing and Art Direction in 1994. After 25 years of re-release, Stephen Spielberg said: I hope the audience can understand the dark moments in history through the story of Oscar Schindler, and also hope to open a discussion on the evil consequences of ignorance, blind obedience and racial discrimination.

He disclosed that the Shoah Foundation of Southern Canada was founded, which records the real experiences of the victims and witnesses of the Holocaust and presents them to the world. Its very difficult to listen to their experiences, but I think its necessary. We need to thoroughly understand the good and evil of human beings, and we need to work hard to have enough empathy and discernible thinking to eliminate hatred.

Todays world is wary of us. Similar activities that trigger historical tragedies are mushrooming. When I directed this film 25 years ago, my greatest hope was to tell the audience through it, to continue the dialogue with each other, and to prove with our determination that love is far stronger than hatred. It is still my wish today.

In fact, Spielberg had 12 relatives who were the victims of this horrible era (Spielberg had Jewish ancestry). When the novel was published in 1982, he did not want to put it on the big screen. Until his child, MAX, was born, his attitude changed dramatically, because he wanted MAX to know more about Jews.

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