Congenital Heart Disease Maternal Desperate Childbirth Subnet Friends: The Complete Life does not depend on Children

 Congenital Heart Disease Maternal Desperate Childbirth Subnet Friends: The Complete Life does not depend on Children

For the sake of children, life stops at 25

I think if life is successful, it means having a child. This is the first sentence Wu Ying, 25, said to the camera.

According to Qianjiang Evening Newss public report on January 10, the second episode of documentary World 2 was broadcast on the evening of 8, which focused on the birthdays of critically ill pregnant women, triggering collective tear collapse and dare not look at the world on the microblog hotspot.

For the vast majority of women, this is not really a luxury wish. However, Wu Ying suffered from severe congenital heart disease with severe pulmonary hypertension, which has been diagnosed by doctors as absolutely unsuitable for pregnancy. Before that, she had been married for two years and had aborted twice.

This is Wu Yings third pregnancy. Despite the strong opposition of her family, she came to Shanghai Renji Hospital for obstetrics and Gynecology treatment and insisted on having a child of her own.

In 2017, Wu Yings whole medical treatment process was photographed by the team of World 2, which also left her last image in the world.

If we know

What happened on the day of birth?

Will we do that?

Love life more

Love your life

Wu Yings family environment is not bad: her parents-in-law has more than one son, not as people imagine, demanding that the daughter-in-law must carry on the lineage;

Wu Yings husband is also very open-minded, affecting his wifes body, clearly indicating that children can be completely avoided;

However, Wu Ying has her own persistence.

In the Birthday episode, director Li Wen captured Wu Yings real voice:

Say I cant think of it. Some things dont happen to me. You cant feel that feeling. Even if my friend says that again, they have children. Then I see that they have children, so I want to have children. I also know the risks, the doctor said, I would like to fight one.

Wu Ying, who wanted to have a child, finally succeeded, but she failed to embrace the dream in person: the newborn weighed only 1005g and was immediately sent to the pediatric intensive care unit of Shanghai Childrens Medical Center at birth;

Wu Ying only saw pictures of her children from her mobile phone. She worked hard in the intensive care unit for 14 days, and her young life was forever fixed at the age of 25.

After Wu Yings story was broadcast, netizens expressed their opinions one after another.

Complete life is not dependent on children, women, to be good to themselves!

Its not worth it!

I cant understand this choice.

Is it not perfect without children?

When can we get rid of this kind of thinking imprisonment?

Understanding was expressed

Its natural for mothers to yearn for children.

Director Li Wen revealed that:

In the course of filming, we also learned that Wu Ying entered a group of pregnant women with heart disease after the second abortion. They encouraged each other and said,I succeeded, you can do it. We guess this also increased Wu Yings chances.

But everyones situation is different. Maybe 90% or even more women with heart disease have succeeded in taking risks. Wu Yingbian is one of the few left.

From the perspective of shooting, in fact, our mood is very complex, after all, Wu Ying is still so young. On the other hand, we also hope that more women will see Wu Yings case, so that they can reduce some chances, seriously follow the doctors advice, and not risk their lives.

After Wu Yings death, Lin Jianhua, director of obstetrics in Renji Hospital, reminded his colleagues once again that when women with contraindication of pregnancy are confronted, they should warn and warn again, dissuade and dissuade again, and they must talk to the dead, hoping that the number of critical pregnant women can be reduced.

But how to say, sometimes we are also embarrassed, people say that the right to bear is in her hands, so communication, such conversation, she confessed, she refused to stop, we can not all lead her away.

Faced with the controversy caused by the charactersstories in Birthday, Li Wen said that from the point of view of documentary workers, he tried to maintain an objective and neutral position towards every follow-up object.

Personally, I understand that many things are not decided by people themselves. In many cases, our desires are stipulated by others. We all desire other peoples desires. For example, Lin Qin, who has two daughters in a row, feels inferior when she walks out of the house. She said she is going to be depressed.

This is unlikely to happen in a big city, so we can not accuse her of putting more emphasis on boys than girls in the attitude of a big city citizen. With this attitude, I think I can allow all kinds of people and things to exist as long as they have their own reasonable reasons.

Of course, from the point of view of documentary, Birthday episode, we hope to give the audience a discussion and Reflection on the topic of whether it is the greatness of maternity or the gambling of life. We would be happy if a woman changed her mind because she saw this documentary and could save a life.

The advent of life is so difficult that it is worth celebrating year after year!

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News