UEFA announces the best squad for 2018: Messi C. Ronaldos defeat of Salah

 UEFA announces the best squad for 2018: Messi C. Ronaldos defeat of Salah

Uefas annual squad is a prize entirely voted by fans. This year, nearly 100,000 fans voted for the best squad in 2018 by voting more than 1.8 million votes on the official website of Uefa. Real Madrid and Barcelona are still big winners, including Ronaldo, with seven players playing in Real Madrid and Barcelona last season. The German goalkeeper Mentelstegen, who is in Barcelona, was selected for the first time. Real Madrids golden partners are Ramos, Varane and Marcelo. Liverpools defence leader Van Dyke joined the team in the Champions League final last season and was selected for the first time in his career.

Two Chelsea midfielders, Azar and Cantor, were selected. Golden Globe Award winner and World Football Player Modric led by the highest number of votes (68.5%) with 115440 votes. On the front line is the name of French starlet Mbappe alongside Ronaldo and Messi. Ronaldo was the 13th individual to be selected, and Mbape won the best team of the year for the first time because of his excellent performance in the World Cup.

Terstegan (Barcelona, 51,307 votes, 30.4% votes, first elected)

Van Dyke (Liverpool, 77,890 votes, 46.2% for the first time)

Varane (Real Madrid, 75,658 votes, 44.9% for the first time)

Marcelo (Real Madrid, 102,932 votes, 61.1% votes, 3 entries)

Cantor (Chelsea, 89307 votes, 53% votes, first time)

Azar (Chelsea, 97 613 votes, 57.9%). Two entries)


Mbappe (Paris, 65,098 votes, 38.6% votes, first elected)