It was reported that the arrested Huawei employees had worked in the Chinese diplomatic service in Poland.

 It was reported that the arrested Huawei employees had worked in the Chinese diplomatic service in Poland.

According to Polish media reports on the 11th, the Polish National Security Bureau arrested a local employee of Huawei Company in the name of engaged in espionage activities, while another Polish citizen was arrested. The Chinese Embassy in Poland subsequently confirmed the arrest of a Huawei employee, and asked the Polish side to inform the Chinese consul as soon as possible, arrange consular visits as soon as possible, and deal with the matter fairly and legally.

In its first statement, Huawei said it was getting to know more about the situation and has no further comment on it for the time being. However, Huaweis statement said that the company has always complied with all applicable laws and regulations in the country where it operates, and required all employees to comply with the laws and regulations in the country where it operates.

Polands arrest of Huawei employees in the name of espionage is both sudden and not sudden. This is because recently the United States is trying to turn its crackdown on Huawei into a campaign to expand its allies, with European countries and Asia-Pacific allies of the United States continuing to be involved in this matter. But its the first time Huawei employees have engaged in espionage, and it happened in Poland.

Did Poland catch any evidence that Huawei employees were engaged in espionage activities? Would this be a Polish injustice to please the United States? None of this can be answered in the first place. We can only do some logical analysis from the common sense.

Huawei is a top global telecommunications technology giant. What technology or business intelligence does Poland have that Huawei can seize through espionage activities? Polands communications technology is not developed enough and its market size is limited. Huawei has long been accused by the United States from the perspective of national security and its core interests are to maintain its reputation. Can the value of technology or business intelligence in a country like Poland match the risks it implies?

Huawei has long focused on legitimacy and standardization. It has a global ambition. Europe is its important overseas market. Maintaining technological leadership and resolutely operating in accordance with the law is the lifeline of its invincible position. Cashing interests in Poland by illegal means is very harmful to the company, which is contrary to its operating principles and fundamental interests.

In addition to technology and business intelligence, there is also a kind of intelligence for geopolitics, but it is even more incredible for Huawei employees to collect that kind of intelligence. There wont be a multinational company that allows its subordinates and employees to travel through geopolitical muddy waters.

It is the shadow of the United States behind Polands efforts to catch Huawei employees, which is a more doubtful direction. Overall, Polands relations with China have developed smoothly in recent years, while the country is highly pro-American. New developments in the past two years have been that it, as a member of NATO, is fighting for the United States to send troops to Poland. After Canada helped the United States catch the boat in Bangladesh, the Sino-Canadian relations deteriorated seriously. People who caught Huawei were highly sensitive, but there was a possibility that Poland could win the praise of the United States.

Late in the night of Beijing time on November 11, Poland declared that the arrested Huawei employees and the Polish work for Chinese institutions and harm Polish interests. If Huawei employees are mixed with Chinese spies which are not related to Huaweis business interests, this is an unacceptable risk to Huawei and the Chinese government.

It has been reported that the employee graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, studied Polish, worked in the Chinese diplomatic agency in Poland, and later joined the Huawei team to develop the market of Huawei in Poland. If he is collecting intelligence for China, why risk giving up the protection of diplomats and damaging top multinational companies in China? What a foolish institution and individual to make such a choice!

We call on the Polish authorities to show the world evidence that Huawei employees are engaged in espionage activities. Warsaw should be aware of the threat it poses to Huawei by what it does. When Huawei was persecuted by the United States and the Sino-US economic and trade disputes were highly complex, the whole world was linking the Polish arrest of Huawei employees with the above-mentioned whirlpool. It is precisely because of this that the case immediately attracted the attention of global public opinion.

Will Poland handle this matter fairly and legally? The impression is that Poland is already standing in line at the moment when Huawei employees are in high profile. It is hoped that Poland will prove itself not in a convincing way.

The Chinese Embassy confirmed that Chinese citizens were arrested in Poland as Huawei employees.

On the 11th local time, Polish national security authorities arrested a Chinese citizen and a Polish citizen on suspicion of spying. The Chinese Embassy in Poland confirmed that a Chinese citizen was arrested in Poland and was a Huawei employee. Polish security authorities also searched Huaweis local office and Orange Polska, a telecommunications company where another Polish citizen was arrested.

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