Jordan is out of the line! Once equalized the National Football Team, now the top six in Asia are feared to be black horses.

 Jordan is out of the line! Once equalized the National Football Team, now the top six in Asia are feared to be black horses.

In the first battle, the Jordanians defeated the strong defending champion by efficient set-pieces attack and well-motivated defense. In this match, the Jordanian team showed a strong counterattack literacy in the face of Syria, which was very aggressive and overwhelmed by the whole army. Jordans goal would have come sooner had it not been for Rawashid and Moussa-Tamaris failure to deal with the last foot. Of course, its never too late. In the 28th minute, Jordanian winger Yassin Bakht swept the left and tore up the Syrian defence. Rawashid hit the front of the door at a later point, breaking through the national soccer team Mendmusa Tamari and hitting the net!

Syrians with poor scores are more impatient, but Stengers team is not very complimentary in the face of headwind. The Jordanians made their defence a wall of sigh for Australians in the first game. What can Heribin and Soma do? The Syrians caught fire again in the back. In the 42nd minute, with the same tactical corner kick as the first one, with the same front cover and back stick, Khatabs head mallet will go down to the next city!! uuuuuuuu

In fact, the Jordanian set-piece tactics were extremely changeable. In the 15th minute, the Jordanians got a free kick in front of the penalty area. Three players cooperated in acting to defraud the Syrian wall, but unfortunately Rawashids door flew to the bleachers. By the second half of the game, the Syrians who were feared had been armed to the teeth in the penalty area, and the Jordanians simply opened the corner to the periphery for an end. The tactical diversity could not be overwhelmed.

In the second half of the game, Syrias possession rate and the number of attacks into dangerous areas are far more than Jordanians, but it gives the impression that Syrias attack is just scratching its feet, Jordanians once the strength of the counter-attack is the key. Plus old goalkeeper Shafis steady performance, the Jordanian easily maintained the two-goal lead to the end of the game.

Before the opening of the Asian Cup, the industrys analysis of the teams in Group B is nothing more than: defending champion Australia and Syria, which are close to entering the World Cup, are in the top two places, Jordan and weak Palestine are in the second place, whether they can get out depends on fate. However, after only two games, the underrated Jordanian has won two games and scored six points, not only winning the first place, but also possibly winning the first place in the group. It has to be said that in cup matches, even if the teams Book strength is not strong, as long as the tactics are opponent and the will is tenacious, the goddess of fortune will not always treat those who are well prepared.