Why has Ingram not made any progress this year? Does Durant II have a future in the Lakers?

 Why has Ingram not made any progress this year? Does Durant II have a future in the Lakers?

Why is Ingrams performance floating so exaggerated?

Cranjis McBasketball, a well-known data expert on Twitter, gave a detailed classification of Ingrams offense in the last six games. To make it more intuitive, I did this. Based on this data model, he gave out the players who were closest to Ingram in attacking style.

But fans familiar with Ingrams performance in recent years know that Ingram was not first trained by the guards who held the ball in large numbers on the chart. When he joined the league, he used Durant as a template, selling points are projection and scoring.

What about this season? Ingrams number of errors remained unchanged, and assists fell to 2.5 times - each time he took the ball, he roared utilitarianly as if he had been playing in the NBA for the past two years. From the position division, we can see the change, Ingram left his most comfortable small forward position (90% of last season played SF), this season more than 45% of the time in the position of shooting guard (stay in position 3 only 28%).

Butler-James Effect

So the team got Butler for them.

The only solution to avoid this problem may be to reject all the stars and wait for the collective growth of 3-4 high-ranking newcomers. But this is clearly not the best way to pick peaches steadily --- in this regard, the Wolf Wolf, which has been rebuilt for 13 years, is a classic case. With better luck, pioneers and wizards are the limits most teams can reach.

Thats why the value of draft rights has changed so dramatically in a few years: before the Warriors relying on rookie dividends to sign Durant naked, the most widely accepted view of the NBA was actually that draft rights were not worth money, but now that everyone has come to understand the concept of rookie dividends and started to regard draft rights (especially the first round) as treasures, we are in fact. It will be found that the so-called upper and lower dividend limits are actually very different.

After all, not all the champions are Duncan James, not all the top scorers are Durant Jordan. Take Ingram for example. Although he is similar in body shape, can you really believe that he and Durant, who average 17+6 and 26+11, are the same concepts?

A weak Ingram and Wiggins will inevitably wait for the bad news of James and Butlers from the sky. And the disturbance and instability brought about by it are also inevitable.

After the game, Owen and Brown talked for 30 seconds in the playerslane, in an impatient tone, saying that Brown was mentally unprepared and distracted. After the game, he said, Our young players are under too much pressure. I just think that through so many efforts, they have high expectations of themselves, and I think its really normal. But now sometimes they dont shoot, sometimes they stand in the wrong place... I think they have to balance a lot of things.

Jay Brown eventually settled part of the positioning problem by retiring from the bench. He hit 50% on the bench and only 40.9% on the main team. With three minutes less playing time, he scored more rebounds and assists than on the main team.

Its a good choice for the player to step back, but Ingram himself rejected the proposal from the beginning. After being taken out of the starting line by Kuzma during the suspension period, Ingram said, I dont think Im a substitute. I think I can integrate into any system.

Capricious for a while, as a players fate, but ultimately to grasp in the hands of management, here Billupswandering career is a good example.

But facts have proved that such a well-known college basketball coach can not give consideration to both on-court coaching and off-court trays. In 51 games, 21-year-old rookie Billups lost his trust and was replaced by Kenny Anderson, who was 27 years old at the time. Such an impatient mentality, which was encouraged by the emergence of seedlings, is a true portrayal of the dynasty teams eagerness to revive the disease and rush to medical treatment during the period of the fall of the dynasty. In the end, the Celtics won 102 and lost 146 in Pitinos four years, never in the playoffs, the only thing worth mentioning is that they chose Paul Pierce in 1998.

Will Russell become Billups 20 years ago? And theres Randall who always stimulates the sensitivity of Lakers fans.

So the situation of Ingram and Bauer, two high-ranking rookies, has become very delicate. Except James, every Laker player in Magics eyes may be trading chips, trading chips, naturally, the higher the trading value, the better.

If you trade, you may lose a potential star.

Dont trade, wait until Ingram becomes a high-quality Evan Turner? Offer an annual salary of 15-20 million to a mid-low efficiency long-term two-point enthusiast who averages 15-20 points per field?

You never know the right answer to the basketball world. Even if you know that Brother Thicken is the right answer, the person who gives the paper is still a pelican. People can give the title to the Celtics in the Eastern District. So hold in hand is the most real, for todays Los Angeles Lakers, they can only choose to believe in Ingram, believe that the loss caused by him is only a must for him to grow into a star, waiting for him to break cocoons into butterflies, fully understand the truth of basketball, and can evolve to 80% of Durants body that day. But we have to remind Ingram to move quickly. James is 34 years old now. He and the Lakers dont necessarily have time to wait for you. Source: Netease Sports Author: Sellers Editor-in-Charge: Zhou Juntao_NS4573

But we have to remind Ingram to move quickly. James is 34 years old now. He and the Lakers dont necessarily have time to wait for you.