Japans baby hair endorsement shampoo netizens: 1 year old hair more than I

 Japans baby hair endorsement shampoo netizens: 1 year old hair more than I

One-year-old Baby Burst (ORICON website, Japan)

Overseas Network, Jan. 11, recently, a shampoo brand advertising in Japan has attracted wide attention. Because this shampoo was endorsed by a 1-year-old Japanese baby girl who had been popular on the Internet before, she was called hair-bursting baby by netizens because of her high hair volume, and was popular in both China and Japan.

Shampoo Advertisement for Baby Explosive Hair (Japanese WWD website)

According to comprehensive Japanese media reports, on January 7, the Asahi News of Japan published an advertisement for a shampoo with the slogan Start with this hair in 2019. In order to show this slogan, it was a Japanese actress named Kondo who was widely praised by women for not dyeing her hair and hiding her gray hair. The one-year-old girl who spoke for the advertisement next to her was the one who was so popular on the Internet that she was called a baby with hair bursting by netizens. In the advertisement, they both wore a personalized hairstyle and smiled.

Babychanco social networking account

The name of the baby is Chanco. Now it is a little net red. Their parents said that when their daughter was born, her hair volume was particularly high, and her small head was covered with thick and beautiful hair. I havent had a haircut since I was half a year old. It seems that my hair volume is almost five or six times that of my peers. Chancos mother has a social networking personal account for her. Through Internet communication, the popularity of Hair-exploding Babies is getting higher and higher, and the media of various countries are scrambling to report it. It also has a wide influence on Chinas microblogs.

Baby Burst appeared nervous when shooting the advertisement. Kondo, who was filming with him, touched her hair and tried to comfort her all the time. Hair is more of a personality of this child, but I hope she can find the right way for herself in the future. I hope she realizes that she has many choices. I am a fan of her and look forward to her growth.

Netizens are talking about Baby Explosive Hair (Yahoo Japan Network Screenshot)

Japanese netizens have also left hot comments on the Internet. Some netizens said, Im so envious. One-year-old, more hair than I do. How much hair does it take to grow up like this? Hair cutting is also a problem in the future.

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