Liu Fengning: Shenzhen WTA Finals will introduce multi-element Wang Qian into the finals

 Liu Fengning: Shenzhen WTA Finals will introduce multi-element Wang Qian into the finals

WTA year-end finals will be settled in Shenzhen from 2019 to 2028. Liu Fengning, CEO of Shenzhen Hongjindi Sports Industry Co., Ltd., the event operator, accepted an interview with Netease Sports and shared some views on the preparation of the event, the training of youth training and the signing of Wang Qian.

Netease Sports: Hongjindi Sports has been running professional tennis events such as ATP Shenzhen Open and Pingshan Tennis Open for some years. What preparations have been made for the first WTA year-end final held this year?

The third is the promotion of sports events. We hope that this is not just a nine-day event, but a year-round event to make a voice around the world. We are working with WTA to develop the visual system and brand system of the finals. Every time we reach a time point, we will release relevant information, such as brand stereotyping, sponsorship introduction, Invoicing information and the alliance of past legendary stars.

Netease Sports: Just now you mentioned the introduction of competitive elements and entertainment elements, can you give a specific introduction?

Liu Fengning: At present, one of the major trends of professional tennis in the world is the loss of young audiences. There are many rules in tennis, which means restraint to the active and free young people. Considering that Shenzhen is also a young city where the competition takes place, we should conform to the preferences of young audiences.

One of the preferences of young audiences is the technological element. Everyone feels that high-tech elements such as 3D projection and holographic projection are very cool. They can take self-portraits and send out circles of friends.

The second is the element of competition, which is purely designed for young people, so we set this element will also attract young people to come.

The third is fashion and entertainment elements, especially entertainment elements. Nowadays, many young people are following the stars. We also hope that through cross-border cooperation, we can transform the fans of stars into our audiences, so as to improve the audience rate. We will invite entertainment stars to watch the ball live or participate in the interaction. Like last years Hong Kong tournament, we invited Chen Yixun and Li Na to have a cross-border performance competition, which attracted many fans of Chen Yixun to Victoria Tennis Center. The above excellent elements, we will learn from.

Netease Sports: How to combine the elements of electronic competition?

Netease Sports: Golden Land signer Wang Qians performance at the end of last year was very impressive. How far do you think she could go in Melbourne this year as the seed of Australian Open 21? Where is the upper limit for the future?

Liu Fengning: To tell you the truth, Wang Qians achievements in the past year have made great strides beyond many peoples imagination. I think she deserves it, and this is not her limitation and ceiling. Two years ago, Wang Qian chose to sign a contract, which is precisely in view of her potential. Over the past two years, with the support of the coaching team and the support of logistic and financial support, Wangs performance is an inevitable result. I still have high expectations for her in 2019. The biggest expectation is to reach the final of the year in Shenzhen this year. If we can become the second Chinese woman player to reach the WTA finals after Li Na, I think there will be a very high guarantee for the development of national tennis, the incentive for teenagers, and the attendance rate of the tournament.

Liu Fengning: The first is age. Our research finds that Chinese women athletes mature late. Including Li Na, Zheng Jie, Peng Shuai, Zhang Shuai and others, they all gradually reached the peak of sports after the age of 25, even like Li Na until 28 and 9. At present, Wang Qian is less than 27 years old, and is also in the golden cycle of sports.

The third is the support of training conditions and training basis, which is our advantage. We have a complete system of tennis industry. We will invite famous experts to guide us and excellent athletes to accompany us. In the field, hard ground, laterite, indoor and outdoor can meet different sports needs. For Wang Qian, I think there is no upper limit. Every competition is to break through.

Netease Sports: Hong Jindi has been focusing on tennis youth training? What do you think is the most important thing in youth training?

Liu Fengning: First of all, time. Speaking of youth training, many parents are eager to achieve, I think we must regard youth training as a long process. The second point is the training environment and training conditions, so many talented teenagers are not on the career path. In Shenzhen, we have established the only tennis college in China that can award primary and secondary education. Thirdly, culture lessons, we athletes think that without good cultural learning can not go on for a long time, at least before junior high school, do not give up the study of culture lessons.

Netease Sports: If parents want to send their children to learn tennis, how old should they start?

Liu Fengning: It depends on parentspositioning of their children. If you are physically fit and interested, I think its not too late at any time. Tennis is a sport that can be played from childhood to old age. If parents want their children to embark on a career path, I hope that sooner rather than later, starting at the earliest age of five, and starting systematic practice at the latest age of eight or nine. Many of the worlds top tennis players enter tennis training early, not more than 10 years old at the latest.

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