Russian Army Test Polar S-400: Warm Design Complete

 Russian Army Test Polar S-400: Warm Design Complete

Russias Ministry of Defense introduced that a full set of polar version of the Triumph S-400 air defense missile system has been developed and tested. The special chassis of MZKT-7930 is used in air defense system combat command post, multi-functional radar and launching device for target supplementary lighting. In addition, each S-400 is equipped with auxiliary gas turbines designed to start the main engine of the tractor and provide independent heating for cabins, missiles and electronic components. Unlike conventional internal combustion engines and diesel engines, in gas turbine devices, air is compressed into the combustion chamber through a compressor, mixed with fuel and combusted, and converted into mechanical motion of the turbine shaft. Therefore, gas turbine engine is most suitable to work at sub-zero temperature.

For the polar version of Triumph S-400, the Astrologer 8 x 8 wheeled tractor was selected. Astrologer is good at high throughput, and it has long demonstrated its performance as a reliable platform for powerful weapon systems. At present, Iskander campaign tactical missile system, dance and prism coastal missile defense system, Hurricane 1M launch rocket system and S-400 individual modifications of launching devices and radar are installed in such tractors.

The new gas turbine is installed in the rear of the tractor cockpit. Such a location arrangement is not accidental - it is usually the area of the electronic device that requires additional heating. These engines can also heat the cabin when the main heater is turned off. Additional cold-proof treatments were carried out for insulation materials used in cockpit and areas where electronic components of air defense system were concentrated. In addition, the anti-aircraft missile launcher will also be directly heated.

Former Air Force Deputy Commander and Reserve Lieutenant General Ejic Bizev, who is in charge of the Commonwealth of Independent States Joint Air Defense System, said that maintaining room temperature could extend the service life of the Triumph main engine and other components. He said: Electronic devices dont like big fluctuations in temperature, so areas with these devices should be kept at room temperature. Importantly, the new gas turbine will ensure the rapid start-up of the main engine and help the air defense system get into operation quickly.

Media reports have previously reported that the Arctic has been deploying S-400 systems since 2015.

DATA FIGURE: S-400 cartridge loader lifts launcher barrel for launcher.

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