Pressure US-made spear missiles! Chinas Mini-Missile Will Be a Sharp Weapon

 Pressure US-made spear missiles! Chinas Mini-Missile Will Be a Sharp Weapon

Reference News Network reported on January 11 that the United States National Interest website published on December 29, 2018, Zhuhai Air Show in 2018 displayed a Chinese-made QN-202 portable missile launching system designed specifically for soldier operation. A soldier can carry up to six missiles. In addition to carrying a large number, the missile also has the function of no matter after launch and has strong operational flexibility. Therefore, it is a kind of good weapon for street fighting. So how advanced is the operational performance of QN-202 mini-missile? What are the advantages and disadvantages compared with similar products in the United States? This article makes a brief analysis of this.

On December 29, 2018, Mark Episcopus published the title Introduction to Chinas QN-202 Portable Missile Launcher: Mobile Killer on the bimonthly website of National Interest. The QN-202 portable missile launching system is developed by Wuhan Golden Infrared Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Golden Infrared), consisting of a rifle launcher and a backpack capable of storing six micro-missiles, according to the report in Lets see. Among them, the launcher weighs 1.2 kilograms, the backpack of the full-loaded missile weighs about 7.2 kilograms, and the total weight is less than 10 kilograms. By contrast, the launcher barrel of the 98-type heavy anti-tank rocket is close to 10 kilograms, and the total weight of four armour-piercing rockets is more than 25 kilograms. It is very difficult for the two men to transport in battle formation, so it is clear that the portability of QN-202 is not boastful.

US media reports also pointed out that the design concept and size of the QN-202 micro-missile launched by Gaud Infrared are similar to that of the Pike micro-missile launched by Raytheon Company in 2015, but in fact there are many differences between the two. When Raytheon launched its spear missile, the slogan was the smallest missile in the world. It was also true that the spear was only 42.6 cm long and weighed about 1 kg (equivalent to the weight of a 7.62 mm rifle magazine full of bullets, about 1.2 kg QN-202), with a diameter of 40 mm (common with the mainstream grenade launchers in the West), with a maximum range of 2100. Mi (QN-202 open data is 2000 meters), and no special launcher is needed. It can be launched directly with M320 or old M203 grenade launcher, or with independent grenade launcher. It is more compatible with active equipment (QN-202 requires special rifle launcher).

DATA PICTURE: QN-202 portable missile launcher and six-missile backpack on display at Zhuhai Airshow in 2018.

The spear micro missile developed by Raytheon Company of the United States can be launched directly by hanging grenade launcher.

In sharp contrast, the American spear missile, because of its active seeker, needs laser irradiation device to continuously irradiate after launching, so at least two people should form a combat team, one is a missile shooter, the other is a laser irradiator, which is only suitable for hitting fixed or medium-speed moving targets, and easy to expose its position when attacking, causing enemy firepower. Counterattack.

The U.S. spear missile is only 42.6 cm long and weighs about 1 kg (equivalent to the weight of a 7.62 mm rifle cartridge full of bullets).

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