Deng Tietao, a master of Chinese medicine, died at the age of 104: practicing Baduanjin every day.

 Deng Tietao, a master of Chinese medicine, died at the age of 104: practicing Baduanjin every day.

Guangzhou Daily full media reporter learned from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine that Professor Deng Tietao, 104, the first Chinese physician, died at 6:06 this morning.

Before his 100th birthday, Deng Lao inscribed for the famous doctors lecture hall of Guangzhou Daily and received an exclusive interview from the reporter of Guangzhou Daily.

Speaking of health preservation, Deng Lao particularly agrees with the view that a virtuous person can live a longevity. The first key is to nourish the heart: nourish the heart first, nourish the heart first, nourish the virtue first, and pour whatever soup he eats and cooks in the second place. The following is the interview record:

Guangzhou Daily: You advocate keeping in good health and preventing diseases. You have also demonstrated how to make Baduanjin. Nowadays, there are people studying everywhere. What is the most important thing about health preservation?

Deng Lao: Nowadays, when many people mention health preservation, they only focus on what to eat and what soup to cook. In fact, in my opinion, the first way to keep in good health is to cultivate ones mind first, and morality first. Morality is the bottom line of life, and it is related to the harmony of the whole society. Social harmony, you are the first to benefit.

Moreover, we should not always look up, sometimes we should look down. If we are not enough, we will be more comfortable, and people will be healthier. There is a saying that contented people are poor and happy, and those who are not satisfied are rich and worried. You said that those who eat cabbage and tofu have no worries and worries. Compared with those who have tens of millions of families but are worried every day, which one has a longer life? If you always think about what benefits other people get more than you, always think about why did he get it, why cant I get it. How can you live a long life if you are often sulky?

In addition, dont always want to take advantage of the advantages and fear loss. If you cant take advantage of the advantages and suffer a little losses, you will feel uncomfortable. Whats more, dont do bad deeds for the sake of taking advantage of others. Like the telephone fraud case that broke out a few days ago, the perpetrators themselves are not in the right mind. I dont think they will live long. Only those with great virtue can live a long life. Those without virtue will not live a long life, nor should they live a long life.

Confucianism puts forward life of virtue, life of benevolence, life of benevolence and love of benevolence. Old people and old people, young people and young people are all spiritual health preservation.

Practice Baduanjin every day

Alternate cold and hot water showers

Guangzhou Daily: In addition to spiritual nurturing, moral upbringing, what other experiences do you have in your daily life to share with readers?

Deng Lao: Nurturing ones mind and morality are the foundation. On the basis of spiritual health, we should pay attention to diet, daily life and exercise. I play Baduanjin every morning. It only takes me ten minutes to finish it. When I was young, I studied boxing in Nanwu Middle School. At that time, five tigers from the North went down to the south of the Yangtze River, a famous boxer from the North taught me to learn Bagua palm and Taijiquan. Later, I thought Baduanjin was the easiest to learn, and it was very convenient because it was not restricted by the venue and weather, so I insisted on it all the time.

In addition to walking and playing Baduanjin, I have used hot and cold water alternately for many years. My skin is still smooth now. The old mans spots on my face are not more but less than in the past. That is to say, I use cold and hot water alternately to cool my skin and do blood vessel exercises all the year round. However, the temperature of water is relatively cold and hot, if you feel too cold temperature can be raised, you have to accept it.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, responsible editor of Guangzhou Daily