Table Tennis Breakthrough in 2018: Wang Manyu was elected Liang Jingkun and nominated

 Table Tennis Breakthrough in 2018: Wang Manyu was elected Liang Jingkun and nominated

Annual Breakthrough: Wang Manyu

This is a match in the coachs plan. During the closed training period, Li Yin, who focuses on building the womens table tennis team, has decided on the strategy of letting the players touch the most uncomfortable opponents on their own initiative. This is the result of Wang Manyus plan, and Feng Tianwei, a sophisticated player, has completely disrupted Wang Manyus preparatory plan by fighting very short in an unfavorable opening situation. Wang Manyu, who lost the game, gained valuable experience and won a clearer future for himself. Later, Wang Manyu made successive breakthroughs in her career through continuous climbing.

Breakthrough mentality. In the semi-finals of the womens singles in Hong Kong Open, Wang Manyu reversed and won the 1-3 backward situation in the face of the brave Ito Meicheng, and the final was 12:10. Then in the China Open, she eliminated Ito Meicheng once again and beat Ding Ning 4-3 in the final, winning two consecutive open championships. She had paid too much tuition for the key ball, and finally received the reward.

Breakthrough ability. Because of his thin body, Wang Manyus defensive chopper has always been a more troubled opponent, but in the months after the World Table Tennis Championship, Wang Manyu has not lost his hand after several setbacks in the face of Xu Xiaoyuan, Naixiang Hashimoto, Han Ying, Sato Min and other good choppers.

In 2018, Wang Manyu, who combines the impact of young athletes and advanced techniques, has taken his own road in the process of making breakthroughs and indirectly revitalized the strategic overall situation of Chinese womens table tennis in preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Liang Jing Kong

In the final round of the Swedish World Table Tennis Championship in March, Liang Jingkun lost 2-3 to Xue Fei, a young straight-board player, and missed the last train to the World Table Tennis Championship. After that match, Liang Jingkun, who was greatly touched, changed his previous temporary cramming and began to put himself into training. In the latter half of the year, he ushered in an outbreak at a visible speed.

In the national championship in September, he won the 1st/8th finals by Rick Wang Chuqin, then defeated Liu Dingshuo and the 2012 mens singles champion Zhou Yu by two 4-0. In the final, he defeated the 2015 World Table Tennis Championship runner-up Army Expo by 4-1 and won the mens singles championship bravely. This is not only the most important champion in his career so far, but also the singles champion of Hebei Mens Team in the National Competition 43 years after Wang Wenrong won the National Games champion in 1975.

In the Austrian Open in November, Liang Jingkunliank, Huang Zhenting, Lin Yunru and Hugo, who broke through the qualifying routes, were promoted to the top four. In the semi-final, he defeated Fan Zhendong, the worlds No. 1, 4-2. In the final, Liang Jingkun won the first mens singles championship in his career by 11-2 advantage, facing Xu Xin, who was good at tangling.

Swedish mens team

Many years have passed since the Swedish Dynasty in the history of world table tennis. At that time, the Swedish team composed of Waldner, Person and Carlson dominated the world table tennis for six years. After more than a decade of silence, the team again won a hard-won World Table Tennis Medal with the help of the home court.

In the mens team semi-finals, the long-lost Sino-Swiss War came on again. The home audience gave the match a high enough courtesy but failed to help the Swedish team continue its magic. They lost 0-3 to the Chinese team and stopped in the top four. After the game, Swedish coach Carlson said that he was not willing to lose the game. It is not difficult to see that although this team is no longer the dominant force in the past, it still has a noble atmosphere different from other powers, which also well explains the spirit of dare to fight, dare to win that they often appear in the game. This precious bronze medal of the World Table Tennis Championship has injected a powerful agent into the declining European table tennis world, which will have an impact on the development and promotion of table tennis in Sweden, Europe and even the world.

Annual Breakthrough Nomination: Indian Womens League

At the Commonwealth Games in April, in order to defend the title in womens team, womens singles and womens doubles competitions, Singapores Feng Tianwei voluntarily abandoned the Asian Cup. But few people thought that she had the advantage of monopoly until now. She only won the womens doubles championship in the competition. The heavier womens team and womens singles events all met Waterloo. The two blockades of Feng Tianweis pace were the first major force of Indian womens table tennis - oddball player Patra.

In the womens singles contest, Bartra and Feng Tianwei met again in the semi-finals. She launched a counter-attack against the situation of 2-3 backwardness, winning two consecutive games by 11:9 And 13:11, defeating Feng Tianwei again. In the subsequent finals, facing another Singaporean player in Dream Rain, Bartra swept 4-0 and won the Double Crown.

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