Mourinho advised Bergba to learn Lampard to be ironic: Did he win the World Cup?

 Mourinho advised Bergba to learn Lampard to be ironic: Did he win the World Cup?

Bogba also had ups and downs at Manchester United last season and was once publicly criticized by Mourinho. Mourinho wanted to reuse Bogba this season and once put Bogba on the captains armband. According to the Sun, Mourinho had an interview with Bogba and suggested that Bogba learn from Lampard and grow into a perfect midfielder.

But Bogba responded to Mourinhos offer with no hesitation: Did he (Lampard) win the World Cup like I did this summer? Sources told The Sun that it was Bogbas arrogant attitude during the conversation that convinced Mourinho that the two sides could not continue to cooperate, and Mourinho even suggested that another Manchester United player stay away from Bogba to avoid the negative impact of Bogba.

Frank Lampard is a top midfielder. He joined Chelsea in 2001 and has played for 13 years. He has won three Premier League championships, one European Championship and one Europa Cup for Chelsea. Mourinho has coached Chelsea twice with Frank Lampard and admires the ambitious midfielder very much. But as Bergba said, Lampard was incompatible with Gerrard in the England national team and failed to help the Three Lions achieve good results.

Now that Mourinho is out of class, Bogba was happy with the change. He can no longer learn from Lampard according to Mourinhos request. However, Manchester Uniteds new coach Solskjaer still needs to find the most suitable tactics for Bogba. The Sun believes that Solskjaer will try to emulate Fergusons rhombus 442 tactics, while Bogba will be more attacking, hoping that this will make Bogba play happier.