Teachers slap in the face 20 years later The man was detained by the police: a criminal case

 Teachers slap in the face 20 years later The man was detained by the police: a criminal case

Peng Mei News reported earlier that Yaos online escape was captured in Changmou. An analysis by Zhejiang police and well-known lawyers indicated that the nature of online escape cases is criminal cases.

According to Article 340 of the Provisions on Procedures for Handling Criminal Cases by Public Security Organs: If a criminal suspect who has been detained or arrested is at large, relevant information, detention warrants or arrest warrants of the criminal suspect can be published through an online working platform. If a local public security organ finds an online fugitive, it shall immediately organize the arrest.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned Zhejiang police told Pengfeng News that, even if a criminal case is filed, the public security organ can change and deal with it according to law if it is determined that only a public security case is constituted by further investigation.

According to Beijing Time, Chang Mouyao made self-portrait videos on November 19, showing that he and his teacher were both wrong, accounting for 50% each. After fermentation, more than ten classmates who hadnt contacted him for more than ten years were willing to testify to him, proving that Zhang Moulin had beaten him in class. Zhang Moulin, the victim, did not call the police after the incident. The leader said that he felt that he had been beaten disgracefully by the students, so he did not say that his mental condition was not good and his mood was unstable.

According to Jinyun report, nearly 150 villagers in Changmou Yaos village signed a letter to express that Changmou Yao was always upright and helpful.

Earlier, officials in Luoyang told Pengfeng News that the police would conduct a comprehensive investigation and deal with it according to law.

Men hit teachers 20 years later: 150 villagers jointly pledged Hes a good boy

Luanchuan, Henan Province, 20 years later, the incident of men fighting teachers has been fermenting. Nearly 150 village names in Leiwan Village recently signed a joint statement to support Changmou. The signature materials show that Changmou is usually upright and helpful. Zhangmou, a teacher, does have excessive corporal punishment. Villagers told reporters that Chang Mou beat Zhang Mou a few months ago for a reason. Now he is under the control of the police. Even in the future, the signature of the village name is willing to testify in court.