Russian Investigation Report to the United Nations: White Helmets Removing Human Organs

 Russian Investigation Report to the United Nations: White Helmets Removing Human Organs

During the Syrian Civil War, the Syrian Civil Defense Organization funded by Western countries, White Helmets, was very active, and it was this organization that served the Western intervention in Syria under the banner of rescue. On December 20, Russian research institutes revealed more secrets: colluding with terrorists, removing living organs...

According to todays reports from Russia (RT) and Russian Satellite News Agency (RSA) 21, at the United Nations Conference on Syria on the 20th local time, Maxim Grigoriev, director of the Russian Democratic Research Foundation, presented to the United Nations an investigation report on the activities of the white helmet in Syria, accusing the white helmet of participating in the forced removal of human organs in Syria. Officials, collusion with terrorists, robbery, theft and corruption. At the meeting, the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations also called for the organization to be included in the list of terrorist organizations.

Grigoriev quoted a witness living in the white helmet area that day as saying, People evacuated by thewhite helmetoften fail to come back alive. For example, a person was slightly injured, rescued and taken away from the local area, and then brought back, his stomach was cut open and his viscera was lost.

According to RT, the Russian Democratic Research Foundation is a member of the global anti-terrorism research network established by the Executive Directorate of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee in 2013. The report was also based on interviews with more than 100 witnesses, including 40 members of the White Helmets, 50 local residents and 15 former terrorists and militants. More than 500 local residents in Aleppo and Della were also surveyed.

A witness interviewed was a former member of the Syrian extremist group Ahraral-Sham, who said his commander, Shadi Kadik, recognized organ collection.

Grigoriev said that organ theft cases in Aleppo alone were at least several hundred.

From left to right are Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Jaafari, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Nebianja and Grigoriev.

In addition, Grigoriev said the same day, according to many witnesses including members of the organization, the white helmet also participated in the robbery of Syrian injured people, especially women, in addition to robbing some shops and damaged buildings.

Sometimes we come to help and enter an apartment. If we find gold or jewelry, we will own it, Grigoriev quoted a member of the White Helmets who was working in the town of Syduma as saying on the same day. There is a woman in the apartment who is ill. We help her and find the gold and we will take it along.

In addition to accusing the White Helmet of robbery and removal of human organs, Grigoriev also accused the organization of widespread corruption with its sponsors that day. Referring to the information provided by a member of the White Helmets, Grigoriev said that the organizations leaders also stuffed part of the donations they received into their pockets.

The report also mentions that white helmet colludes with terrorists in Syria.

There is overwhelming evidence that the white helmet has long been engaged in the construction of defensive fortifications for terrorists and illegal armed groups. They also provide water and food for these terrorists and help injured terrorists evacuate from the front line, Grigoriev said on the 20th.

He said a member of Dumas white helmet told him that the organization was building mounds, digging trenches and transporting combatants and weapons and ammunition for the militants.

Grigoriev also cited the testimony of a member of the White Helmets as an example. In a place called Jisral-Haj in Aleppo, militants lit garbage, transported corpses from the local morgue, and let the White Helmet film a rescue video on the spot. Everyone involved was paid $50.

On the same day, Vassily Nebenzia, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations who attended the meeting, stressed that white helmet should be included in the list of terrorist organizations of the United Nations.

White Helmets was founded in 2014, the full name of the Civil Defense Organization of Syria, according to its official website, the organization has about 3000 volunteers. According to the Russian Satellite Network, members of the white helmet operating in rebel-controlled areas often call themselves volunteer rescuers. Damascus and Moscow have accused the group of using chemical weapons to provoke public opinion, while providing excuses for Western intervention in Syria.

The organization has been supported by Western countries. According to the Washington Post, in the past five years, the organization has received about $51 million in financial aid from the British government and $33 million from the United States.

In August, State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said Washington would continue to provide life-saving and humanitarian assistance to vulnerable Syrian groups based on their needs and support the White Helmets operation in Syria.

Dressed in relief and human rights clothing, they were in fact a Western-funded performing group from the beginning. Syrias domestic political analyst Adnan told the Peoples Daily that the white helmet has deliberately created many eye-catching photos and videos in order to cooperate with the opposition and discredit the Syrian government.

He said, Western countries are not hesitant to use the Oscar to advocate and build momentum for the white helmet, and even intend to seek the Nobel Peace Prize for it. But the truth will not sleep forever. When all the water falls, it will be the greatest irony of these deceptions.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675