Railway Public Security Centralized Rehabilitation of Hegemony. A woman occupied seats and was detained for 5 days

 Railway Public Security Centralized Rehabilitation of Hegemony. A woman occupied seats and was detained for 5 days

Railway public security will concentrate on rectifying such prominent public security issues as hegemony.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, Dec. 21, the reporter learned from the Railway Public Security Bureau that, in response to the hot issues of social concern such as hegemony and hegemony shop, the Railway Public Security Bureau recently issued Guidelines for the Handling of Common Police Conditions on Passenger Trains by organizing public security and legal departments, clarifying the requirements, basic procedures and matters needing attention from the scene, and sending them down to 18 Railway Public Security Bureau. To provide guidance for standardizing the work of train police disposal.

The police detachment of Beijing, Xuzhou and Qiqihar Railway Public Security Departments organized disposal drills to improve the ability of rapid response and proper disposal around the prominent public security issues such as hegemony. Changsha, Jilin and Jiamusi Railway Public Security Departments cooperate closely with passenger transport departments to improve the reception and handling of police. The Chongqing Railway Public Security Department has produced a teaching film Standardizing the Disposal of Train Hegemony Incident to organize police study. Shenzhen, Nanning and Yanbian Railway Public Security Departments organize police officers to enter stations and carriages, publicize relevant laws and regulations through train broadcasting and distribution of information, and enhance the legal and safety awareness of the vast number of passengers.

Recently, local railway public security organs have strengthened the rectification of such prominent problems as hegemony. On December 1, on the G170 train, a drunk woman forcibly occupied other peoples seats and abused staff and other passengers. Subsequently, the Beijing Railway Public Security Bureau immediately contacted and coordinated with the Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau for proper disposal. The Nanjing Railway Public Security Bureau took the woman off the train at Nanjing South Railway Station, gave her administrative detention for 7 days according to law, and notified the railway credit information system. On December 6, on train G696, two passengers occupied police seats, did not listen to the conductors dissuasion and clashed. After receiving the police report, the Taiyuan Railway Public Security Department shall control the perpetrator. After investigating and collecting evidence and finding out the facts, the Taiyuan Railway Public Security Department imposed administrative detention on the two persons according to law. On December 14, on K7426 train, a woman held a ticket for carriage 4, but forcibly occupied three seats in carriage 3, which prevented three passengers from taking their seats. After being persuaded and educated by the conductor and the police, the woman still refused to give up her seat. Subsequently, the police of Jilin Railway Public Security Department forced him to leave his seat. After the investigation was clear, the woman was sentenced to administrative detention for five days.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Gan Wenbin_NBJS7621