Dialogue with Li Ming, one-legged Porter of the post-90s generation: less opportunities, so we should work harder

 Dialogue with Li Ming, one-legged Porter of the post-90s generation: less opportunities, so we should work harder

Xinjing News comes from Li Ming of Yulin, Guangxi. He was born in 1991 and is 27 years old. At the age of seven, he lost his right leg in a car accident. Moving cement and paving roads on the construction site is what he is doing now. To avoid losing his balance, he stuck his amputees right leg in the gap of his single leg to support his body, freed his hands to work, and grinded thick cocoons on his legs.

Li Ming said that after dropping out of College in 2009, he went to Beijing, Guangdong and other places to look for jobs. This year, he returned to the construction site of his hometown, Xingye County. His dream was actually to dance. Later, when he worked in Shenzhen, he also went to perform part-time, but he was forced to give up. I have too few opportunities, so I have to work hard to meet all the possibilities.

Li Ming is carrying it on the construction site. Video screenshots

Once frustrated in finding a job, I slept under the overpass

Beijing News: When did you come out to work?

Li Ming: 18 years old. I was a junior college student, but I stopped reading because it was difficult at home. Later, I saw the information on the website about recruiting disabled dancers. 500 yuan a month. I wanted to try it out and went to Beijing. After learning dancing well, we will perform public welfare performances in some communities, welfare homes or schools in Changping.

Beijing News: Why didnt you continue to jump after that?

Li Ming: They (Dance Troupe) told me to sign a contract for 50 years. At that time, they didnt understand anything. They were so afraid that they ran back home by train. By the end of 2016, I had spent a month looking for a job in Guangdong with a thousand yuan. During the process, I was asked if I had any work experience, some people had to introduce fees, others said that I did not have prosthetic limbs and had a bad image. In the end, he spent almost all his money and slept under the overpass for several days.

New Beijing News: What was the mood at that time?

Li Ming: Very sad, especially sour feeling, can not say. I feel that even if I try hard, I cant do anything worse than others, but I cant get the approval of others, which is also very realistic. I was angry when I felt that it was unfair for them to judge a persons ability in that way.

Beijing News: Didnt you meet any suitable job after that?

Li Ming: I went to Shenzhen without finding a job. I worked as a temporary worker on the site. My cousin introduced me to me for 1000 yuan a month. Last October, I started working two jobs and went to the art troupe to learn dancing and performing. I earned 2,000 yuan a month for almost a year. But this year, the work of the art troupe often conflicts with the time on the site, so I cant do it on this side of the site. Then the art troupe went bankrupt. When I finally had 500 yuan left in my hand, I bought a ticket and went home. In September this year, Huancheng Road was built in the county. I followed the villagers to work. Now I have been working for more than three months.

Grandma always encourages me to be diligent.

Beijing News: How did the period just after amputation fit in?

Li Ming: When I was 7 years old, I went home along the road and was knocked down by a truck and ran over my legs. After amputation of the right leg, there was no pressure at that age, and there was some inferiority complex after being sensible. But the family did not give up me, they borrowed a lot of money to see a doctor and for follow-up treatment, my parents later had to go out to work, is my grandmother at home to take me and encourage me.

Beijing News: How did Grandma encourage you?

Li Ming: Grandma has a great influence on me. She is kind and tells me to be diligent and a good person. She often tells me that I must work harder. Its okay to lack one leg. I can do what others can do, so that when I can be independent, I dont have to bother others. So from childhood at home, cattle grazing, vegetable growing, and feeding pigs and chickens are all made by me.

Beijing News: How is the family now?

Li Ming: Grandma passed away, my fathers cerebral thrombosis, my mothers diabetes, every month need medical treatment. I feel like Im not angry. I remember when I was a kid, I had an accident. My family paid a lot to pay back the money they owed. Now they are old and I cant help them when they need money at home. Now I just want to take care of my parents.

Beijing News: When did you start broadcasting live?

Li Ming: At first, because my parents were ill and my work was not going well, I was under great pressure to sing by myself, and then I sang on the platform. There are some people in the studio who confide their troubles to me, so I will give advice to others. In fact, when encouraging others, a lot of words are also spoken to themselves. After the live broadcasting, some of the places that I cant think of are slowly figured out. I dont ask for money or sell badly. Some people donate money. I also donate money to children in Shenzhen Welfare Center. Others say Im hype, but I can do my best, just like my grandmother. I was also advised to switch to live broadcasting (full-time), but I just wanted to do real things with my hands.

Beijing News: What are the future plans?

Li Ming: I dont know yet, but I definitely want to fight for the chance. For me, there are too few opportunities for me in society, so I will try to meet all the possibilities.

Source: Gan Wenbin_NBJS7621, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper