US withdrawal from Syria triggered speculation that Turkey might play an important role.

 US withdrawal from Syria triggered speculation that Turkey might play an important role.

[Global Times synthesis report] One Twitter destroys the U.S. Middle East policy. In the face of the sudden decision of US President Trump to withdraw all US troops from Syria, the Washington Post expressed its helplessness. On Tuesday, Trump announced on Twitter that the United States had won the war against the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) and would withdraw more than 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria. Trumps sudden announcement of withdrawal from Syria has aroused doubts and criticism from hardliners in the United States. This is a Christmas gift for Russia and Iran, CNN exclaimed. U.S. Senate Foreign Committee Chairman Kocker said this not only increased the possibility of a resurgence of IS, but also made it impossible for Middle East allies to trust Washington in the future. Internationally, Britain, France and other countries that have heard the news from the media have expressed concern about the situation on the ground after the departure of the US military, and said that the fight against jihadists in Syria is not over yet. The Russian Foreign Ministry welcomed Trumps decision for the first time, saying that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria would bring Syria real and practical prospects for a political settlement. At the annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a Western journalist asked whether it was necessary for the United States to continue its military presence in Syria. Putin said, No, it is not necessary. The U.S. military is illegal there.

Who forced the United States to leave Syria? Russias Opinion said on the 20th that more than 2,000 US troops have been deployed in Syria for more than four years, but in fact the US has no influence in Syria, and the US military can not change the situation of the Syrian war. Moreover, in the Middle East, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are getting closer and closer to Russia. The relationship between Washington and Riyadh became more nuanced after the killing of journalists. The United States should not lose Turkey at this time. Trumps announcement of the defeat of IS and withdrawal from Syria not only showed his military victory, but also fulfilled his campaign promise to withdraw US troops before Christmas and boost his support rate.

Russias Source 20 quoted Shamanov, chairman of the Russian Duma National Defense Commission, as saying that Trump said that the US military defeated IS in Syria, not only the international community did not believe it, but also the United States and its allies did not believe it. Essentially, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria was a shameful escape, just like their escape from Vietnam.

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