Junior girl chatted naked with netizens and was blackmailed by screenshots: exposure without money

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 Junior girl chatted naked with netizens and was blackmailed by screenshots: exposure without money

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Female college students are blackmailed by screenshots naked chatting with their netizens: exposure without money (source:)

Recently, the special Patrol Police Brigade of Tianchang Public Security Bureau of Anhui Province, with the cooperation of various police types, successfully captured a suspect who was chased online by Guangzhou police in an Internet cafe in the city.

In June this year, Xiao Rou, a junior female student in Guangzhou, met a person nicknamed Grey Wolf on social software. They talked very happily and contacted each other further by adding Wechat.

Bi Fuyang, the captain of the special patrol brigade of Tianchang Public Security Bureau, said: The two men added tweets to each other. On the advice of Grey Wolf, in order to seek greater stimulation, they had a naked chat.

To her surprise, the Grey Wolf turned into a Grey Wolf soon after.

Bi Fuyang, captain of the special patrol brigade of Tianchang Public Security Bureau, said: As a result, after the naked chat, it was screenshot by Grey Wolf. Finally, Grey Wolf used the screenshot of naked chat to extort the 20-year-old girl online.

Xiaorou immediately transferred to the other side only two thousand yuan, but this money can not satisfy the appetite of Grey Wolf. When he blackmailed again, Xiaorou woke up.

Bi Fuyang, the captain of the special patrol brigade of Tianchang Public Security Bureau, said: The girl was very anxious when she saw this. She immediately called him all the money she had in her calendar. When the Grey Wolf blackmailed again, the little girl woke up. She felt that it was not a simple thing. The other party sent the naked chat video again, and then the little soft girl came back. The girl went to Guangzhou police to give the police an alarm.

Under the investigation of the police and the cooperation of various kinds of police, on December 12, members of the patrol brigade successfully captured a suspect of network fraud in Guangzhou in an Internet cafe in the city. It turned out that this man was not the first time to commit a crime. In order to seek stimulation, he searched for beautiful girls through various dating software on the Internet, and then step by step implemented the so-called beauty scheme to induce young women to chat naked, while chatting naked, he would save screenshots and extort money from girls.

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