30percent of insomnia college students have hair loss symptoms

 30percent of insomnia college students have hair loss symptoms

College students insomnia

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At the end of college,

During the preparation for the exam,

Stay up late to recite.

You cant sleep at night and wake up during the day.

It is the life portrayal of many night owls.

According to the data from the Research Institute McCoth, the average sleeping time of college students is 7 hours. 15% of college students sleep less than 6 hours a day, and 1/3 of them are used to staying up late. 17% of college students reported poor sleep quality and 77% had insomnia problems. The main factors causing insomnia were stress, anxiety, nervousness or worry.

Seventy-five percent of college students who stayed up late at night had online entertainment activities.

The data show that the average sleeping time of the students surveyed is 7 hours, and nearly half of the students fall asleep between 23 oclock and 0 oclock.

But it is worth noting that 15% of college students sleep less than 6 hours a day. In terms of sleeping time, one third of college students usually fall asleep after 0 oclock, and staying up late becomes a daily routine.

What are college students doing when they dont sleep late at night? Lets first look at what netizens said:

From the data point of view, a detailed analysis of the reasons for staying up late after 0 oclock can be found that the proportion of staying up late for online entertainment activities (75%) is the highest, which shows the attraction of mobile phones, computers and so on to college students. The second and third factors were preparing for the examination or rushing for the homework (27%) and sleeping in the dormitory (22%).

17% of college students have poor sleep quality

According to the data, 17% of the college students thought their sleep quality was poor, and nearly 40% thought their sleep quality was normal. Among those who slept less than 6 hours a day, 36% thought their sleep quality was poor, and 30% of those who slept after 0 oclock a day.

Different people have different living habits and physical qualities. Sleeping late or for a long time does not necessarily lead to health problems. However, if you stay up late, lack of sleep and feel poor sleep quality, it may be time to sound the alarm bell. College students need to adjust their living habits as soon as possible to improve the quality of night rest.

Three adults said they had hair loss symptoms

According to McCoth data, 77% of the college students surveyed had insomnia problems (17% had frequent insomnia and 60% had occasional insomnia).

The top three effects of insomnia on college students include poor mental state (81%), fatigue (72%) and reduced learning efficiency (63%). Another 30% of insomniacs said they had hair loss symptoms.

In the insomnia group, the main factors causing insomnia are high pressure, anxiety, tension or worry (63%).

Among them, the proportion of female students with similar emotional insomnia is higher, 66%, higher than that of male students by 9 percentage points. The proportion of insomnia caused by bad dormitory environment among boys is 44%, which is 6 percentage points higher than that of girls.

Continuing to analyze the group of students who suffer from insomnia due to stress, anxiety, tension or worry, we can find that academic problems (84%) are the main cause of the corresponding emotions, followed by interpersonal problems (67%).

It is understood that the Mycos 2018 College Students Sleep Survey began in November 2018 to investigate college students. Understand the current emotional state of College students. The survey time of the data used in this analysis began on 24 November 2018 and ended on 28 November 2018. A total of 2029 valid college studentsanswers were collected, of which 835 were boys and 1194 were girls. The survey is conducted by means of online survey, without sampling and testing. The survey results only represent the status of the college students surveyed.

Netizens Share the Experience of Staying up Late

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Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, Responsible Editor of China Youth Daily