Many scenic spots offer preferential treatment to domestic mobile phone users and are accused of rubbing hot netizensfrying pan

 Many scenic spots offer preferential treatment to domestic mobile phone users and are accused of rubbing hot netizensfrying pan

Recently, a number of scenic spots have been announced.

Free ticket or 50% discount for domestic mobile phone users

Hot debate

It is understood that the first announcement is the Shennong Mountain Scenic Area in Henan Province.

On December 15, the official microblog of Henan Shennong Mountain Scenic Spot Administration released the Notice of Shennong Mountain Scenic Spot on Huawei Mobile Phone Global Users Entry Free. According to the announcement, Shennongshan Scenic Spot will implement a ticket-free pricing policy for visitors using Huawei mobile phones from December 16, 2018 to December 29, 2018.

According to Dahe Daily, on December 17, the reporter called Yuntaishan Scenic Area Service Hotline. The staff confirmed the authenticity of the announcement and said it was only a short-term activity. Holding Huawei mobile phone can only exempt 80 yuan from tickets, not including transportation fees and other expenses.

Some media conducted on-site interviews, and staff members said that Huawei mobile phone users can only pay attention to the public number of Weixin in the scenic spots, but when asked whether other domestic mobile phones, such as millet mobile phone users can be free of tickets, the staff answered: No, it must be Huawei mobile phone.

According to public information, Shennong Mountain Scenic Area is a national AAAAA-level tourist area, located in Zhaozhai Village, Ziling Town, Qinyang City, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province.

Several scenic spots join the half-price or ticket-free team

According to preliminary statistics, including the Shennongshan scenic spot mentioned above, at least four scenic spots in China have announced preferential policies for domestic mobile phone users in a period of time.

Baiyundong in Kongshan announces that Huawei Mobile Users are free of tickets

On December 18, Weixin Public Number Baiyundong of Kongshan Mountain issued the Notice on Huawei Mobile UsersTicket Free in Baiyundong Scenic Area of Kongshan Mountain, Lincheng County, Xingtai.

According to the above announcement, From December 18, 2018 to December 23, 2018, the Baiyundong Scenic Area of Kongshan will implement the policy of free admission for visitors using Huawei mobile phones. The price of the scenic spot is 100 yuan. After paying attention to the official Wechat public numbers of Lincheng Tourism and Baiyun Cave in Kongshan, visitors can enter the scenic spot directly by showing Huawei and Glorious Brands mobile phones at the ticket gate of the scenic spot.

Qingyuan 4A Scenic Spot in Guangdong Province has also introduced Huawei usersexclusive preferences.

According to the Pearl River Times, Qingyuan Gulongxia Scenic Spot launched the following preferential policies for Huawei mobile phone (including glory) users in a week from December 13 to 19, 2018:

(1) All self-driving tourists who use Huawei mobile phones (including glory) buy tickets for the Gulong Gorge Glass Grand Canyon at the ticketing window on that day at a 5-fold discount (69 yuan per person) of the window price (138 yuan). During the event, one mobile phone is limited to purchase, and they need to register and verify the mobile phone;

(2) Employees who use Huawei mobile phones (including glory) will be invited to visit the scenic spots once free of charge.

Tourists with Huawei mobile phones are queuing to buy tickets.

Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province, says it will offer half-price tickets to all tourists who use domestic mobile phones.

From December 19, 2018 to January 2, 2019, Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourist Co., Ltd. has also released information. For global tourists who use domestic brand mobile phones, after scanning the ticket window to pay attention to the public number, they will enjoy a half-price discount when they buy a pass, which includes a 5A scenic spot and seven 4A scenic spots. Each mobile phone is limited to one during the event.

Are preferential scenic spots hot hype? Netizens say so

This event triggered a heated discussion among netizens.

Support was expressed for:

This kind of marketing deserves some praise.

There are also objections:

This is discrimination against other users.

Some netizens also said:

If there is a discount, just wait for more hot spots.

Dispute: Normal marketing or reverse discrimination?

According to Dahe Daily, some legal experts interpreted the matter as follows: no matter whether it is a hot spot or not, the law does not prohibit the scenic spots from sacrificing themselves and benefiting others, which is beyond reproach. 57347

However, some insiders pointed out that this marketing strategy of businessmen, by means of news hotspots, is to advertise for themselves and attract more tourists, but the means are not smart and inappropriate, and the law is not not prohibited.

In accordance with the relevant provisions and spirit of the Civil Law and the Consumer Rights Protection Law, every consumer is equal and has the same rights and obligations. Businessmen should not set unfair and unreasonable trading conditions and have no right to deliberately divide consumers. Only Huawei mobile phone users are free of tickets and other mobile phone users are excluded from the ticket concessions, which has been suspected of reverse discrimination. He said.

Dahe newspaper reporter also consulted the relevant management departments, Jiaozuo City Tourism Complaints Hotline staff response, after consulting their legal advisers know that Shennongshans move is not inappropriate. After receiving consultation at 7.15 p.m. on December 17, the staff of the National Tourist Complaints Hotline 12301 said that they would investigate and deal with the situation.

However, no matter what the comments are, the scenic spots are undoubtedly the biggest winners. In the past, the number of Wechat public numbers in Shennongshan Scenic Spot was less than 1,000, but this announcement has exceeded 74,000, and the last tweet has exceeded 3,800.

Source: Xu Meng-NN7485, responsible editor of West China Metropolitan Daily