Resume over 30 years old basically do not read Internet peoples hard days come?

 Resume over 30 years old basically do not read Internet peoples hard days come?

Any industry has a life cycle. Internet users who are used to a good life may need to adjust their mentality and adapt to the new rhythm.

At the end of December, Beijings temperature dropped several times below minus 10 degrees, and the coldest day came.

Coming with the cold wave is the news of job losses in Internet enterprises. From Zhihu, Hammer, American League to Jingdong, Tencent and Ali, according to the statistics of 21CBR, at least 11 enterprises have been reported to be laid off in the past six months.

Three-minute layoffs

Everything is not empty.

Layoffs are not a good thing for companies that just went public in 2018. According to the news of the American Leagues layoffs, a large number of new students were laid off, and the whole process took three minutes. Skip the direct superior, the superior leader calls directly, and calls for signature and signature. There is no chance to respond at all. The superior and superior do not know, no handover, no gossip, 3 minutes to end the teams career. An anonymous beauty troupe employee said so.

The delegation responded that the large-scale layoffs were false news, and this was a normal business adjustment. The affected employees were less than 0.5% of the total number of employees. At present, there are nearly 2,000 new students in the American League, and the adjustment rate is within the normal range.

The news came earlier. On Dec. 13, it was reported that Guangzhou and East China began to lay off staff. According to the interface report, some employees have revealed that 500 people have been laid off at present, while the internal statement is that after Sun Wei, the new CFO, arrived at his post, there were too many people who thought it was unnecessary and asked for streamlining. Knowing that a $270 million financing was completed in August, with a valuation of $2.4 billion.

It is understood that the employee is now just over the probation period, then directly known to give a knife cut off, and finally only a symbolic compensation of half a months salary. Its really not a bit defensive. Talk to you and you can go after that.

Ali also reduced the size of social recruitment. Dina just got Alis offer in December. HR told her to go through the formalities quickly, preferably within a month. Alis social enrollment scale is shrinking. You are the last one in the department. Maybe this one will be gone by next year. HR urged her.

Dina hesitated for a long time. Her former employers salary ranked first in the industry, and in a few months there was a good year-end award. During the hesitation, Alis HR told her, Candidates over the age of 30 basically do not look at their resumes, unless they are exceptionally good, you are approaching this age, seize the opportunity.

Dina told 21CBR that she eventually chose to give up Alis job. Ali worked overtime so badly that she was overwhelmed. If there is no significant improvement in income, lets forget it.

Layoffs KPI?

A person familiar with the situation commented that some companies were in such a hurry that at first glance there was a layoff KPI.

May, who just left Tencent, expressed the same view. Mays department is Tencents restructured PCG department, which employs as many as 10,000 people.

Because the budget was cut, the structure of the group changed, and then there was no HC (recruitment indicators) and no work for me. May said that she left most of the former OMG employees at the same time. Tencent said it would not lay off staff, but the adjustment was very turbulent and went up to the command and down to the army.

May was told by HR that the probation period could be dismissed at any time. Employees who left earlier than May said they could be paid 1.5 times as much if they wanted compensation, but they would never be able to return to Tencent and never be hired.

Business restructuring, the last elimination, job rotation, these are common reasons for Internet enterprises to reduce staff. An IT industry headhunter said, The benefits are twofold. Companies can bear the cost of layoffs as little as possible and cause as little doubt and distrust from the outside world as possible. People who are forced to leave also have face to find their next home.

May went through four rounds of interviews before passing Tencents recruitment appraisal, but was told to walk away. One of the employees who left the company said, Isnt it the companies who didnt plan or control their recruitment?

Slowdown in expansion

The Internet bubble and industrys rapid iteration, a multi billion star startups at the beginning of the year, may be in trouble or even die by the end of the year, such as ofo. Its no surprise that business failures occur, especially in the case of downsizing.

In fact, Chinas Internet has been booming for 20 years, and it is time to enter a period of adjustment and shuffling. Some companies have tens of thousands of employees, but the company is in a long-term unprofitable state, excessive dependence on capital, once financing unsustainable, staff reduction may be necessary measures to reduce costs, optimize the structure, and develop benignly.

Reporters have counted the number of employees of well-known Internet listed companies in the past four years. As of December 2018, the total number of employees of Tencent, Ali, Netease and other companies has been increasing year by year, but the growth rate has declined. Whether its a giant or a start-up company, once it expands at a high speed, its necessary to slow down the pace. For a company like Lexin, whose business has been badly frustrated, downsizing is a definite fact.

Data source: Wind

In addition, the salaries and benefits of Internet users may also be affected. For example, there is a rumor that the annual bonuses of all people will be halved and that executives will cancel them. According to the public salary published by various network channels in recent year, the average monthly salary is 27540 yuan.

BATs Salary System

However, there is good news that many companies with new retail and education tracks are expanding their enrollment. The new track is sailing.

Any industry has a life cycle. Internet users who are used to a good life may need to adjust their mentality and adapt to the new rhythm. As the saying goes: the Internet industry has no layoffs, only optimization and adjustment.

(Source: 21st Century Business Review)

(Editor: Zhang Nan)

Source: Liable Editor of Business Review in the 21st Century: Yao Liwei_NT6056