Watching animal actors abandoned Sun Li adopt the white cat in Zhenwei Biography

 Watching animal actors abandoned Sun Li adopt the white cat in Zhenwei Biography

Netease Entertainment reported Dec. 21 that Sun Li often advocated animal protection. She was a true animal protectionist. She had seven dogs, one was given away by others, the others were either picked up or adopted. There was a white cat adopted by a queen mother in the story of Empress Gong Zhenwei. After filming, she feared that the cat would be abandoned. She took the white cat home with kindness. Actions let many netizens call directly: Niang Niang really beautiful heart is also beautiful!

Sun Li has always devoted herself to the issue of wandering animals, revealing that if there were animal actors in the filming, they would be particularly concerned about them, fearing that these small animals would become homeless after killing young people. One time when she was filming, she found a cat fainted, her feet were broken, her stomach was abnormally swollen, she suspected ascites, her eyes and nose were bleeding. She rushed the cat to the doctor. The doctor diagnosed that the cat was pregnant, which made her very uncomfortable.

In addition, at the beginning of the biography of Zhenwei, a white cat used to frighten Sun Li was adopted by Sun Li. She said that she was afraid that the white cat had nowhere to go and was abandoned. She took the cat home and gave it to her uncle for adoption. Her name changed from Xiaofang at the beginning to Xiaozhu. Now she is happy and at ease. In March this year, she visited her uncles house and said, Originally, it was very timid. Heaven is in a state of panic, from the beginning of the imperial cat, now has become a imperial sister.

In the vagrant rescue agencies, Sun Li saw the abandoned cats and dogs and felt: Some of them were abandoned, or even abused, can be said to be a life of nine deaths, with strength and courage to survive, still have great trust in us. If youre good to them, theyll get acquainted with you right away, swing around you and wag their tails at you. It may not be your only one, but you are all of it, so you must treat small animals as your family and take good care of them.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952