Japans Reclamation of the Sea to Build a Base for the U.S. Army: Polluted People Bow to Stop

 Japans Reclamation of the Sea to Build a Base for the U.S. Army: Polluted People Bow to Stop

The Present Situation of Borderland Ancient Areas Photographed by UAV (Ryukyu News)

Citizens gathered in the sandy transportation area and bowed to stop reclamation and land-making (Ryukyu New Daily)

This has further expanded the protests in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Local citizens gathered for days at Sandy transportation sites, in front of U.S. base gates and at the seashore of Bianye ancient area to protest. Some radical citizens even stopped the construction work and were temporarily arrested by maritime security officers.

In addition, more than 100,000 Internet users have signed on the White House petition website, demanding that President Trump stop the matter. Okinawa Prefecture Governor Yucheng Danny also signed the petition, demanding immediate interruption of the construction of a new U.S. military base in the ancient border area.

In January this year, the helicopter of the U.S. Army Futenma Base in Japan made an emergency landing on the beach of Iku Island in Yuliuma City, Okinawa County, less than 100 meters from the nearest residential area. Fortunately, no casualties were caused (Visual China)

According to previous reports, the Japanese and American governments agreed in 1996 to move the U.S. Army Futenma Base in Yiyewan City, Okinawa County, to the ancient border area of Namo City, Okinawa County. For a long time, crimes, aircraft crashes, high-altitude crashes, noise harassment and other incidents of U.S. military personnel in Okinawa have occurred frequently. Okinawa people can not afford to be disturbed. They strongly oppose the relocation plan in the county, and call for the complete closure of the Futian base or relocation of the base outside the county. (Wang Shanning, Overseas Network)