WTA: We have to keep up with the fashion.

 WTA: We have to keep up with the fashion.

New Rule 1: Returning players can be extra seeds

The new rules stipulate that players who leave the stadium for more than 6 months but less than 12 months can use special ranking to participate in 8 races in one year, and those who do not participate in the competition for more than 12 months can use special ranking to participate in 12 races in one year. If a player leaves the court for pregnancy or physical reasons, the special ranking is valid for three years.

After returning to the stadium, players can use special rankings in the first eight races to participate in seed ranking. If a special ranking is used to gain a seed seat, she will play as an extra seed against a non-seed player in the first round, and extra seed does not affect the ranking of the remaining seeds.

The emergence of the new rules to maximize the protection of mother players, giving them more sense of security. Of course, the new rules also protect other seeded players to a certain extent if they meet Mama players of Xiaoweis level.

When French player Cornett came back from a break at the U.S. Open in 1989, he found that his jersey was worn backwards, so he chose to dress directly on the court, during which sporting underwear was exposed, which was warned by the referee. The penalty caused a lot of controversy, and the US Open immediately apologized and improved the rules accordingly.

In tournaments, there are many unwritten rules about the dress of women players, such as not being allowed to change clothes on the court, not wearing underpants directly on the court. Although there are no clear provisions, players are often warned by referees when similar situations occur on the court.

At the beginning of next season, there will be no controversy about similar issues. WTAs new rules clearly stipulate that players can wear underpants or tight shorts to play without wearing tennis skirts or shorts outside.

The rationale for the adjustment is that such regulations are outdated now. WTA CEO Steve Simon explained, From a fashion point of view, nowadays many men and women in the street wear underpants as casual clothes, with a shirt and so on. This is the current trend. They didnt add a skirt outside. So why do we ask players to do that? We feel that the previous regulations are out of date.

Of course, the tournament was not totally opposed to wearing underpants. When the temperature is too low, players often wear underpants, but the length must be higher than the knee.

Of course, these new rules of WTA are not applicable to the four Grand Slams. But Simon said he would actively communicate with the four Grand Slams and strive for more uniformity in dress.

Even the simplest rule change is responsible for the process behind it. Simon said that the rule modification is a cumbersome process.

At present, WTA has a special department responsible for collecting questions from players or players. Once it is found that some rules may need to be amended, they will be reviewed by a Rules Committee composed of players and game representatives, which is a subcommittee of the WTA Board of Directors. It is mainly responsible for hearing requirements, finding existing rules in the manual, and then organizing appropriate language descriptions.

Simon cited the introduction of the new extra seeds regulation as an example, saying that discussions on this issue have polarized, and what WTA needs to do is find a balance point. On the one hand, the introduction of the new extra seeds rules ensures that players who gain seed ranking by their current achievements will not be deprived of their rights, but also provide opportunities for those who try to reach the same position, and no one will suffer losses.

There are not many areas of work in the world where women are guaranteed three years after they give birth, so that they can not only resume their jobs smoothly, but also have the opportunity to start from where they left off. So in my opinion, we are still quite innovative. Simon said it was a very advanced plan for the regulations, implementation and standards of maternity leave for women players.

Players protected by ranking can use the extra seed rule, and 12 stations can be used for special ranking within a year.

Players can wear underpants or tight shorts directly.

The number of times a player applies for changing clothes or going to the toilet per game is reduced from two to one.

For players who have been on tour for more than 10 years, the number of foreign cards per year has increased from 6 to 9.

Source: Lu Ting_NS5242, responsible editor of Beijing News