Lu Medium: Wang Ruheng has cost Tuxin core to be injured, which is heartbreaking.

 Lu Medium: Wang Ruheng has cost Tuxin core to be injured, which is heartbreaking.

Our reporter Liu Wei

At noon on the 18th, Lawson arrived in Jinan on a flight, and that evening came to the provincial sports to watch the match between Shandong and Shanxi. At the match site, MC also introduced Lawson to the fans. According to the clubs plan at that time, Lawson completed his physical examination on the 19th and registered with the Basketball Association. If all goes well, he will go to Beijing later to meet the whole team. Wu Qinglong even listed the schedule of Lawsons training with the whole team.

But things are not going well. On the morning of the match, Lawsons appearance had to be stranded because of the delay in arriving the clarification letter from the FIBA. Because according to the procedure, the Basketball Association can not receive clarification letters, can not prove that Lawson is a free player, is unable to let his game.

Lawson was unable to play on Shandong teams side because of injuries. Jackson, a small foreign aid from Beijing, was also on the sidelines. Faced with Beijing with a single foreign aid, Shandong team played tenaciously under the leadership of guard Wang Ruheng, but its strength was indeed limited.

In the teams most difficult moments, captain Wu Kei continued to stand up and get the seasons highest 18 points, with six rebounds, to give the new nuclear Wang Ruheng the greatest support.

After losing to Beijing, Shandong Mens Basketball League won only one victory in the second stage, falling to 11th place in the scoreboard. If the team wants to return to the playoffs, the pit dug by the two foreign players after injury has to be filled slowly, which means that the pressure of the team in the second half of the regular season has increased sharply.

According to the feedback from Xiwang Mens Basketball Team, Lawson will play in the match with NCBA Mens Basketball Team, which is also the last half of CBA League. Lawson, far away from the official match for a long time, can become the soul of Shandong Mens Basketball Team? Lets wait and see.