Media: Forget to bring ID card to stay in hotel and solve the pain point of peoples livelihood

 Media: Forget to bring ID card to stay in hotel and solve the pain point of peoples livelihood

The real meaning of the electronic certificate lies in eliminating the worries about the difficulty of people going out and doing things.

_Data map, the picture is November 2018, Guangdong push electronic identity certificate, hotel is not afraid to forget to bring identity card. Picture/Visual China

According to Xinhua news agency, the Anhui Provincial Public Security Bureau recently issued Anhui provincial public security organs to deepen the reform of the discharge service 39 measures, the eleventh provision, domestic residents forget to bring valid identity documents, can be in the corresponding conditions of the hotel or Internet cafes through the Internet + trusted identity platform (hereinafter referred to as network card ), etc., query identity information after registration. Live or surf the Internet.

According to the previous regulations, no matter the guest or the visitor, as long as they enter the hotel, they must register at the front desk. Therefore, from time to time, we see news reports that some people are refused admission by hotels because they do not have ID cards. This is indeed inconvenient to the people.

The online card service launched in Anhui Province is a commendable convenience measure for the people. In the Internet era, the electronic certificate has become an industry trend. Whether its an ID card, a drivers license, or any other document, its already electronic.

Once, we were faced with the dilemma of not being able to go far without ID cards and not being able to stay in hotels. Although some problems also have corresponding replacement documents, such as making temporary identity cards or passports. But even so, the preparation of temporary identity cards also need to queue up and stamp a series of procedures, which is also troublesome. If the ID card is lost, it may be more troublesome to make up for it. If you use the network card service, these troubles do not exist.

The highlight of the 39 measures launched in Anhui province is that the use of the Internet + trusted identity platform has been extended to domestic residents. This is a great improvement in the range of residents who can use the service. At the same time, Anhui Province also actively promotes the interconnection and interoperability of the platform of Anhui Police Convenient Service e-Netcom with the provincial government service platform and the government service platform of the Ministry of Public Security, so that the public can also handle Anhui public security government service business in the provincial and ministerial government service platform.

It can be said that the real meaning of electronic documents lies in eliminating the worries of people who have difficulty going out and doing things. Therefore, in June 2018, the General Office of the State Council issued a paper pointing out that adherence to the principle of interconnection, the exception of isolated network, the principle of government service access to the Internet and the exception of non-access to the Internet, strengthening cross-level, cross-regional, cross-system, cross-departmental, cross-business (hereinafter referred to as five-span) interconnection and collaborative sharing of government information resources.

In fact, the current electronic certificate or e-government is still facing the problem of data sharing between different departments and different places. This is also why the online card service in some places is limited to the registered residents or permanent residents of the province in order to effectively replace those who do not carry identity cards. If residents in other places do not carry ID cards, they may still face difficulties in living and handling affairs.

Therefore, the relevant departments may follow the spirit of the relevant instructions of the Central Committee to speed up the process of interconnection, interoperability and collaboration and sharing of the five strides. Take the courage to break the data island, let the data run more and the masses run less.

At the Congress on the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up held on December 18, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that we must take the fundamental interests of the vast majority of the people as the starting point and foothold of all our work, adhere to the peoples support, disapproval and joy as the basis for formulating policies, and conform to the peoples will, respect the peoples will, pay attention to the peoples feelings and devote ourselves to the peoples livelihood.

In this regard, whether the work of electronic certificates is good or not, and whether there is a practical solution to the concerns of the people, is the basis for the relevant departments to really consider, the people do not support, support, disapprove, happy or unhappy to measure how to do, and how fast the progress should be.