Suspected embezzlement of the label Learning Milk by enterprises involved in milk pouring by students in poverty-stricken counties of Hunan Province

 Suspected embezzlement of the label Learning Milk by enterprises involved in milk pouring by students in poverty-stricken counties of Hunan Province

Dec. 21, according to Voice of China News, Longhua County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, pupils poured nutritious meal milk into ditches recently, which aroused widespread concern in society. Local authorities responded that milk pouring by students reflected the countys problems in the management and service of studentsnutritional lunch supply, and instructed education authorities to coordinate with supply enterprises to rectify immediately and provide differentiated services.

In fact, as early as 2015, many members of the CPPCC reflected that the nutritional meals of students in the county were monopolized by an enterprise; in 2016, some parents issued a long article on the platform of network political inquiry, questioning that the production enterprises of nutritional milk for students in more than 300 schools in Longhui County did not have the milk funding qualifications. The Xiangmi brand milk provided was not good to drink, and many students threw away the milk directly. ?

On the afternoon of the 20th, the Chinese Dairy Association, the promotional management body responsible for the Chinese Student Drinking Milk Program, responded exclusively through the Voice of China. Hunan Xiangmi Dairy Co., Ltd., which is involved in Longhui County, Hunan Province, is not a student drinking milk production enterprise registered by the Chinese Dairy Association. Is it lawful for this enterprise to supply and sell student milk under the name of State designated production enterprise of student milk? What problems have been encountered in the implementation of the nutritional meal plan in various places?

The milk given out to students is actually concocted milk.

Longhui County, with a total population of 128,000, is a poverty-stricken county at the national level. The Xiangmei milk for students is produced by Hunan Xiangmei Dairy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangmei Dairy) and is a local enterprise in Longhui County. Local netizens have questioned that the enterprise does not have the qualifications to supply students with drinking milk. The Propaganda Department of Longhui County Party Committee responded that, due to policy changes, studentsdrinking milk as a general dairy product is unified into the production and quality supervision of relevant functional departments. As long as it meets the requirements of national dairy production, Enterprises with dairy production licenses issued by relevant functional departments can produce and supply it. Should be student milk. The company provides student milk in accordance with the relevant industry regulations, and does not need to apply for a separate student milk label.

(In 2016, some local netizens wrote on the platform of asking questions about the monopoly of Longhui Countys student milk production enterprises.)

(Official Response of the Propaganda Department of Longhui County Committee to Hunan Province in 2016)

According to the product pictures displayed on the official website of the enterprise, the reporter noticed that the packaging of student milk produced by the enterprise had a special logo of Chinese studentsdrinking milk, and the number was SMC431204. Zhu Yi, an associate professor at the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University, said that according to the nutrient composition tables published in the products, they did not meet the production standards of student milk. Its protein is only 2.4 grams, and the lowest is 2.8 grams. This is not pure milk. It does not meet the standard of student milk. It is a kind of modulated milk. For students, its best to give them pure milk. Protein is more than 3 grams or at least 2.9 grams.

(Hunan Xiangmi Dairys Product Packaging Style Publicized on the Official Website)

China Dairy Industry Association: StudentsDrinking Milk Manufacturing Enterprises Involved in Enterprises Not Registered by I

In 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture and other seven ministries and commissions issued a document to transfer the promotion of the Student Drinking Milk Program to the China Dairy Association as a whole. The Chinese Dairy Association subsequently issued a notice that after the change in the management of the promotion work, the Student Drinking Milk Program shall not engage in related activities in the name of the national Student Drinking Milk Program without the consent of the Chinese Dairy Association.

At present, the website of the Chinese StudentsDrinking Milk Program is functioning normally, and the registration of enterprises is also proceeding normally. The latest batch of registration numbers are from 2018 to 2021. Among them, there are four enterprises in Hunan Province, including Hunan New Hope, Huang Group, Nanshan, Jinjian, Hunan Province, and there is no Xiangmi brand. Hunan Xiangmei Dairy Co., Ltd. is the only designated production enterprise of student milk in central and southern Hunan. It provides student milk for more than 100,000 rural students in Longhui County. Its product packaging also has the special logo and registration number of China Student Drinking Milk Program. In response, lawyer Zhou Guichang, partner of Beijing Jincheng Tongda (Shanghai) Law Firm, said: Studentsmilk drinking has a proprietary logo with the wordlearning, which can not be used without authorization. The website of Xiangmi Dairy Industry is still so marked, and it is the only state-designated production enterprise of student milk in central and southern Hunan, which violates the Advertising Law and is suspected of false propaganda. It is not a state-designated enterprise that produces student milk. The website logo is an act of embezzlement and confusion.

(Hunan Xiangmi declared on its official website that it was the only designated national production enterprise of student milk in central and southern Hunan.)

On the afternoon of the 20th, the Chinese Dairy Association sent a reply to Voice of China, saying, At present, we will implement the management of label licensing for the production enterprises of studentsdrinking milk. For those enterprises that apply for the production of students drinking milk in accordance with the regulations of the Promotion and Management Measures of the National Student Drinking Milk Plan, I will permit them to use the label of Chinese studentsdrinking milk and register it. Registered enterprises can use the label of Chinese students drinking The logo is used for packaging of studentsdrinking milk products, propaganda of students drinking milk program and related advertisements. The enterprises concerned in Hunan are not the ones registered with our institute. Zhu Yi, an associate professor at China Agricultural University, said that the announcement to change the management mode of the promotion of the Student Drinking Milk Program in 2013 could easily lead to ambiguities in the relevant statements, resulting in irregular use of local labels. The promotional logo of China Dairy Association, because it belongs to the group standard, is not used by enterprises. But as long as it is supplying milk to students, it considers itself a designated enterprise. This is ambiguous in understanding, and the notice leaves a lot of room for China Dairy Association to interfere in these irregular areas.

In some places, student nutrition improvement programs are used as a way to make money.

In 2011, China launched the Nutrition Improvement Program for Rural Compulsory Education Students, which benefited 37 million students in poor areas and improved the malnutrition status of rural poor children to a certain extent, but there is still a gap compared with the requirements of the central government.

Authoritative data show that since the initiation of the Nutrition Improvement Program for Rural Compulsory Education Students, the central government has allocated 124.8 billion yuan to improve studentsnutrition and 30 billion yuan of special funds to support the construction of school canteens in pilot areas. In addition to the student feeding programs in Beijing, Tianjin and Shandong, a total of 1631 counties in 29 provinces have implemented nutrition improvement programs, benefiting 37 million people. By the end of 2017, the goal of full coverage of the National Nutrition Improvement Plan for Poverty-stricken Counties will be achieved.

The China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) is a research-oriented Foundation initiated by the Development Research Center of the State Council. It has been conducting in-depth research on the implementation of nutritional meal plans for many years. Lumai, deputy director and secretary-general of the foundation, said that the student nutritional diet subsidy fund is financed by the central government, which is 4 yuan a day for every student. At present, there are two main modes of dining: canteen dining and extra-curricular dining. Four yuan, in the end how many students eat in their mouth, in fact, I really can not compliment the students milk, I went to school to drink, and we normally supply milk taste is different, there is not much milk, students pour is understandable.

Lumai said that the nutritional meal plan requires the construction of canteens and canteens in the areas covered. The central government has allocated funds, but there are still some places that take the way of extra-curricular meals to provide students with simple foods such as milk and bread, which do not meet the requirements. The states investment in this area is almost 20 billion yuan a year, compared with 20.5 billion last year. There are still many problems in the implementation of such a good project. We went to a county in Gansu Province and found that the school canteen was contracted to a company. These problems are all stipulated by the state. The Ministry of Education said that the canteen service should be implemented. Has it been implemented below? Why is there a canteen to charge, contract, and then make extra meals for students? Thats where theres business interest. There are two kinds of problems, one is that the funds for cooking are not implemented, and the other is that commercial interests are involved.

Lumai said that unlike school canteens, which provide students with hot meals, where nutritious meals are delivered to enterprises, it involves the sharing of commercial interests. It cannot necessarily ensure that the central governments subsidy of 4 yuan per student per day is enough for children to eat in their mouths. Setting up an enterprise to do this, whether it is purchasing or processing student milk, has multiple interests. Firstly, the enterprise needs to be profitable. Enterprises do not make meals free of charge in school canteens. Secondly, are there taxes in the place? Then there is the cost of distribution and distribution.

In July last year, the general office of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued a relevant notice to clarify the implementation of the nutrition improvement plan. Since the implementation of the plan, audit spot checks have found that there are more subsidies in some areas. At the same time, there are still some problems in the implementation of responsibility, food safety, real-name information management and other aspects, which have affected the implementation effect of the nutrition improvement plan.

In June this year, Zhu Zhiwen, Vice Minister of Education, said at the on-site promotion meeting of the Nutrition Improvement Program for Rural Compulsory Education Students that the Nutrition Improvement Program for Students still needs to work hard on fine management.

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