India demanded 60 Chinese experts leave India immediately to protest against arbitrariness

 India demanded 60 Chinese experts leave India immediately to protest against arbitrariness

According to the Times of India 20, the Aliens Administration of India issued an order last week to 60 Chinese experts invited by a local company to guide their work in Indian factories to leave the country immediately on the grounds of violating the relevant provisions of their business visas. The company protested, criticizing the governments decision as extreme, unreasonable and arbitrary.

Reported that the company involved is called Pacific Network Technology Company, its parent company is located in Hong Kong. On the 19th, the head of the company went to the Mumbai High Court to challenge the Indian authoritiesnotification that 60 Chinese experts should leave India immediately. In its appeal, the company said that the notices were extreme, unreasonable and arbitrary and violated the companys right to equal treatment and normal operation, as receiving on-site guidance from foreign experts has been an indispensable industry norm for the past two years. According to the report, the Chinese experts are scheduled to go to the companys two factories to train local workers how to operate complex machines effectively and find machine failures on the production line, etc.

Two judges of the Mumbai High Court will hold hearings for this purpose on the 21st, the First Post of India said. At least six Chinese experts have been forced to leave after being notified by the Indian authorities, although their visas are still valid. The company also said it was committed to advancing the Made in India plan proposed by Moodys government, which would affect the companys business and even lead to plant shutdown if these Chinese experts were forced to return home.

Local analysts told Global Times on the 20th that the Indian government demanded the departure of these Chinese experts with visa issues. There is no legal problem, but the timing of the incident is interesting. At present, China-India political relations are considered to be in the best period in history with frequent high-level exchanges of visits. But this months election results in five Indian states showed that the Modi-led Peoples Party had a big defeat, and some nationalists criticized the government as too weak for China. In this case, it is not excluded that the Indian government should take some minor issues to show its strong position towards China and respond to the call to canvass for next years general election.

Source of this article: Global Network Responsible Editor: Xu Meng_N7485