Nine months after the fatal accident, the Uber drone returned to the streets and said it was safer.

 Nine months after the fatal accident, the Uber drone returned to the streets and said it was safer.

Photo: Uber claims that his driverless car is ready to re-emerge on the streets of Pittsburgh

Netease Technologies News Dec. 21, according to CNET reports, the companys driverless car giant Uber announced today that the companys driverless car will resume road testing in Pittsburgh on Thursday, local time. Previously, Ubers application for restart testing had been approved by Pennsylvanias Department of Transport and allowed to test these driverless vehicles on state roads.

In March, Ubers driverless test vehicle was involved in a fatal car accident, prompting the company to suspend all tests, and its driverless project was also reviewed by local police, parliamentarians and federal investigators.

Pittsburgh was the first city to allow Uber to test its driverless cars and the headquarters of the companys driverless vehicle division.

Eric Meyhofer, head of the Uber driverless project, said in a statement: Over the past nine months, we have always put safety at the core of everything we do. It takes a lot of reflection and time. Now we are ready to move on.

Uber will also resume driverless vehicle testing in the streets of San Francisco and Toronto, but these vehicles are not yet fully self-driving. Instead, the company said it would be equipped with two human drivers to maintain absolute control of the car at all times.

Uber has always been known for its online car service, and since July this year, the company has been operating driverless cars in Pittsburgh in the same manual mode. This way of driving enables the automotive system to map city streets and help vehicles prepare for driving on open roads.

The fatal car accident in March hit Ubers driverless car program hard and raised doubts about whether the company could continue to operate. Since then, Uber has shut down driverless car operations in Arizona, where the accident occurred, and laid off nearly 300 test drivers for driverless cars in the state. Pittsburgh also laid off 100 test drivers.

Uber said that the automatic emergency braking system of all driverless cars will remain active in the future, and drivers will be tracked to ensure that they actively monitor the vehicle. In addition, Ubers driverless cars will no longer carry passengers as they used to. They only operate during the working day. (small)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541