Huawei refutes rumors and false reports: do 5G better without the influence of external public opinion

 Huawei refutes rumors and false reports: do 5G better without the influence of external public opinion

For example, Huawei was blocked by the Five-Eye Alliance.

For example, some countries follow the trend to suppress Huawei.


Among the divergent opinions, Huaweis recent refuting rumors also attracted Xiao Ruis attention.

According to the information note, some recent reports on Hua5G are inconsistent with the facts or misinterpreted.

At present, Huaweis business in Germany is all right; it actively participates in the 5G construction of French operators; in Japan, it is actively participating in the 5G tender reply and the testing of the experimental Bureau of operators; although the New Zealand government has different opinions on the 5G proposal submitted by operators, the regulatory process has not yet been completed, and customers have said that they will continue to mediate with the government and keep the cooperation with Huawei unchanged.

Xiao Ruixin was impressed by the remark especially mentioned in the Situation Note: The companys global operation is sound, and we hope that you will adhere to the companys requirements, not affected by external public opinion, firm confidence, focus on work, steadfastly refine your internal skills, do 5G better, and do business better.

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In Xiao Ruis view, the fate of a Chinese company in the winter of 2018 is, to some extent, linked to the fate of a country. And Chinas attitude towards Huawei seems to be the touchstone of its attitude towards Chinas rise.

Theres nothing wrong with that. Because some western countries think so, by suppressing Huawei, to crack down on the Chinese version of 5G standards, and then suppress the competitiveness of Chinas high-tech enterprises.

Attitudes towards Huawei are not only attitudes towards the economic level of a Chinese enterprise, but also alienated by some countries as the grasp of competition among big powers.

Of course, we should arouse enough vigilance, keep an eye on their every move, and make the necessary response at the same time.

But that doesnt mean we have to pound our breasts and pound our feet and laugh at our eyes and brows from time to time.

Calm down!

We should look at change dialectically. We should not only strengthen the sense of hardship, but also see the period of strategic opportunities for development.

Not to mention that the media has repeatedly reported that the so-called Hua5G has been frustrated frequently in France, Germany and Japan is not without exaggeration. Even some seemingly beneficial information for Huawei needs to be treated with caution.

For example, on the 19th, India welcomed the news of Huaweis 5G test, and domestic public opinion flocked to it.

For Huawei, Indias move is naturally good news. At a time when some Western countries have joined forces to block Huawei, in the words of the press, it is Indias release of goodwill.

But in the dissemination of domestic public opinion, it seems that this point is being deliberately or unintentionally evolved into India has accepted Huawei.

Is that really the case? Is testing the same as choosing Huawei?

Xiao Rui also saw today that some Indian telecommunications companies are still encouraging the government to ban Huawei.

They certainly start from the perspective of their own business.

But it also tells us from one side how complicated the situation is about Huawei, 5G and Chinas contacts with the world. There are plenty of rumors about the tug-of-war and the truth and falsehood.

Sometimes, we need to calm down properly and look on coldly for a while, rather than follow the sensitive running cry when we hear any wind and grass moving.

I am indifferent to peoples excitement.

Soldiers come to guard, water comes to cover up.

For any Chinese high-tech enterprise, it will come after all.

For China as a whole, no suppression, slander, booty planting or joint efforts can stop the giant ship from moving forward.

Self-confidence is the most powerful force.

Because of self-confidence, Chinese scientists and technicians have to devote themselves to their research, and because of self-confidence, they may face the I will not move when the trees are in the forest.

Only when we have strength can we have strength.

It is the only way for a person, an enterprise and even a country to grow and grow.

We should, as always, support all Chinese enterprises going out, because safeguarding their interests is, in fact, protecting ourselves.

But at the same time, we also need more calm, confident and calm.

As Huawei said, Practice your internal skills steadfastly.

Source: Reference News Network Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056