The United States accused two Chinese citizens of participating in hacking activities and infiltrating 45 American companies.

 The United States accused two Chinese citizens of participating in hacking activities and infiltrating 45 American companies.

The U.S. Department of Justice accused two Chinese citizens of jointly conducting a widespread hacking campaign with Chinas national security authorities over a decade, suspected of infiltrating 45 U.S. companies and government agencies and stealing intellectual property rights and other data.

According to the indictment, the two suspects, Zhu Hua and Zhang Shilong (both transliterated), were organized to steal information from companies in banking and finance, telecommunications, biotechnology, automobiles, medical insurance and mining industries. The indictment says the group also broke into the U.S. Navy and stole personal data from more than 100,000 people.

The indictment refers to two defendants who worked for Huaying Haitai Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and claimed that they cooperated with Tianjin National Security Bureau of the State Security Department of China.

This is the unprecedented large-scale prosecution of the so-called hacking activities supported by the Chinese government by the United States, which reflects the escalation of attacks against China by the United States using its developed legal tools. The name of the U.S. indictment will give the unidentified the impression that the U.S. has really grasped the handle. However, there is a huge logical loophole in the US accusation, which can not but be suspected to be a structural trap initiated for political purposes.

We dont know if the two Chinese people and the company named by the US side have ever hacked American businesses and institutions, but they are so knowledgeable that they invade all the important departments of the United States. What can they steal if they want to steal? Is the real world like this?

If hackers can walk on such a wall in the Internet world, one person can steal more than thousands of horses independently developed, then the worlds most profitable industry must be hackers. They can defeat pirates and drug gangs on the black road, and the greatest creative companies on the white road. No law can stop them from appearing. And the top hacker pickpockets are bound to come from the United States and the Western world.

Previously, the U.S. government claimed that Chinas hacking activities cost the United States hundreds of billions of dollars a year, which is ridiculous from any angle. Firstly, China can steal so much, and has been stealing intellectual property for more than ten years according to the US. How come China has not succeeded in the modernization of science and technology? Why is China still lagging behind the United States in so many areas, from chips to electric cars to aeroengines?

Second, on the contrary, the United States makes every effort to deal with even a few hackers, attackers want to come and go, even to the United States on the Internet as a foolish subsidiary, what on earth are they worth stealing?

Strong cultural arrogance has convinced some American elites that technology can only be stolen when China develops so fast. As few Chinese spies could be caught, it was expanded to believe that both Chinese to the United States and foreign students were suspected of spying, and further believed that Chinese hackers had shown their skills on the Internet and carried out intellectual property robbery against the United States.

We dont know how many hackers there are among the Chinese people, but none of them will believe that they can be pioneers in the modernization of science and technology in China. Chinas security sector is particularly less foolish and naive.

Security officials and several online game masters (they may be deceivers) gathered together to grab the most critical foreign technology for a completely different industry in China, like Technology Department stores, and sneak into the American Pandemonium despite the overall situation of Sino-US relations, which made people who knew the Chinese system sound ridiculous.

Where to find security officials with such broad scientific and technological knowledge, how can they establish a complex working system that can effectively control and manipulate hackers while meeting the needs of enterprises in all fields without any problems? When network security has already become one of the most sensitive issues between China and the United States, who will bear the huge risk of doing so?

The United States is almost hysterical about the allegations of cyber attacks in China. The latest accusations show that the US attack on China is becoming more and more comprehensive, and many Chinese departments may be involved in it. They can not hide, so they can not continue to adhere to low-key philosophy, but need to face the provocation of the United States, to protect the interests of the country to do more.

In recent months, the United States has steadily launched sanctions against senior generals of the Peoples Liberation Army, passed laws that may sanction Chinese officials in Tibet affairs, prosecuted and extradited Chinese spies and directed allies to arrest Huawei executives, etc. China needs to reflect on its passive response in an all-round way and take a more proactive approach to various challenges. China is a peace-loving and gentle country. We cant allow others to pour dirty water on us like this basin by basin. China should seriously consider new countermeasures.

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