The woman was beaten and stripped naked by four people in the street. No one dissuaded her during the video.

 The woman was beaten and stripped naked by four people in the street. No one dissuaded her during the video.

Video shows two women in black jackets dragging a long-haired woman. During the dragging process, two women in black pulled off all the clothes of the long-haired woman, making the long-haired woman completely naked.

In one of the videos, four people (one man and three women) beat the long-haired woman, and the man took the opportunity to kick the long-haired woman.

Throughout the assault, videos were taken, but no one was seen coming out to stop them.

Reporters learned that these videos were shot at about 8 p.m. on the 19th, and the incident took place downstairs at a clubhouse in Shima Town.

After these videos were published on the Internet, many netizens expressed opposition to these practices.

According to the person in charge of Longhai police, the police immediately launched an investigation after the incident.

Yesterday afternoon, Longhai police gave an update on the case.

The circular said that at 21:41 on December 19, the 110 command center of Longhai Public Security Bureau received a public alarm that there were many people fighting on the first floor of a KTV in Shima Town. After receiving the police, the police of the Stone Code Police Station of Longhai Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene for disposal.

According to the preliminary understanding of the police, at about 20:40 on the same day, Xie Mou, a young woman, was beaten and personally insulted by three women and a man at the elevator gate of the Overseas Chinese Union Commercial Building in Shima Town, and was videotaped by the parties concerned.

After the incident, the Longhai Public Security Bureau immediately mobilized the capable police force to form a special team to investigate all night. The suspects were locked up for the first time, and three suspects, Zhou Mou (female, 33 years old, Longhai Shima Town), Yang Mou (female, 30 years old, Longhai City Bangshan Town), Ke Mou (female, 29 years old, Longhai City Bangshan Town), were arrested in Shijia and Heping, respectively. Another male suspect was involved in the case. The suspect is under arrest.

At present, the Longhai Public Security Bureau has further tried the case according to law.

Police warned that: in view of the incident, individual spectators not only did not go forward to persuade, but also filmed video upload network, losing due social morality and integrity. The public security organ solemnly reminds us that no one can save or disseminate bad videos without permission outside the illegal network, otherwise they will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law. At the same time, the public security organs urge the fugitive suspects involved to surrender voluntarily as soon as possible.

Source: Liable Editor of Strait Report: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675