2.9 million people registered for the postgraduate entrance examination on Saturdays, the highest number in 40 years

 2.9 million people registered for the postgraduate entrance examination on Saturdays, the highest number in 40 years

December 15, 2018, Wuhan, postgraduate students review in the night. Visual Chinese Data

On December 22, the National Masters Enrollment Examination will be opened in 2019. Before the opening of the Grand Kaola, the postgraduate entrance examination has been frequently on the hot search list. Some surveys show that the number of postgraduate entrance examination applicants this year has reached 2.9 million, which has never been achieved in history. The proportion of past students has increased rapidly. The primary motivation of postgraduate entrance examination is still to improve the competitiveness of employment.

2.9 million people registered for the exam increased the most in more than 10 years

According to the National Survey Report on Graduate Enrollment in 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the Report), released by China Education Online on December 20, the number of Postgraduates registered in the whole country increased strongly. In 2019, the number of Postgraduates registered reached 2.9 million, a sharp increase of 520,000, an increase of 21.8%, which has become the largest increase in the past 10 years and the highest record in the past 40 years of reform and opening-up.

The report shows that in recent years, the number of registered postgraduates has shown a rapid upward trend. Specifically, the number of registered people in Henan, Jiangxi and Hebei increased by 25.6%, 24.8% and 22.1% respectively. In this years composition of postgraduate entrance examination enrollment, the proportion of previous students has increased rapidly, gradually approaching half, becoming an important part of the candidates.

Liu Xiaomeng (a pseudonym) is preparing for the entrance examination in World War II. When he first took the postgraduate entrance examination, he was not prepared enough to enter the ideal school. Then I went to look for a job, but found that the ideal job requires more than graduate education, or undergraduate plus years of experience. I cant lose the chance of my ideal job because of my academic background, so I want to fight for it again for another year.

The growth rate of postgraduate enrollment reached the highest in nearly 10 years.

Throughout the 40 years of reform and opening up, 2018 will also be 40 years of resumption of postgraduate education. In 1978, China enrolled the first batch of graduate students. The number of graduate students enrolled was only 10 708. By 2017, the number of graduate students enrolled was 80 6103, an increase of about 74 times.

The report shows that in 2017, the number of postgraduate enrollment increased dramatically, from 590,000 to 720,000, and from 77,000 to 84,000 doctoral enrollment. Since 2007, the annual growth rate of enrollment of masters and doctoral students has mostly maintained at about 4%, while in 2017, the growth rate of masters and doctoral students has expanded to 22% and 8.5%.

After the start of the double first-class construction, many famous universities have expanded their graduate education substantially while stabilizing or even reducing the scale of undergraduate training. According to the statistics of the report, 28 of the 42 top universities have increased their enrollment plans substantially according to the enrollment plan of 2019 announced by the top universities. For example, Fudan University has increased its enrollment plan by 800 people since 2017. The enrollment plan in 2018 is basically the same as that in 2017. In 2019, the enrollment plan has increased by 700 people to 6300.

In terms of disciplines, the enrollment of education, management and engineering increased the most. According to the report, education, engineering and management increased substantially in 2017, reaching 54,000, 250,000 and 116,000 respectively, an increase of 70%, 27% and 61% over the previous year.

In recent years, universities have expanded their postgraduate enrollment. But for ordinary candidates, the competitive pressure has increased, and the greater impact is the increase of the proportion of students accepted and pushed out in Colleges and universities.

According to the statistics of the report, in recent years, more than half of the universities have accepted and waived students for the construction of double first-class universities. For example, Zhejiang University received 54% of the students in 2019; Peking University only enrolled 100% of the students in particle physics and atomic nuclear physics, Master of Insurance and statistics in 2019; and Fudan University enrolled 100% of the students in solid mechanics, general mechanics and basic mechanics.

Employment remains the primary motivation for postgraduate education

Nowadays, many people say that the purpose of postgraduate entrance examination is not to work. In fact, I think that everyone is taking postgraduate entrance examination for work. Because my present job is not what I want, I choose to improve my education and then work. Lu Ying (not her real name) is a graduate of computer science from a university in Hebei Province. Now she is preparing for World War II, she told China Youth Daily, Zhongqing Online.

According to the report, according to the motivation survey of postgraduate entrance examination, the main motivation is to increase employment pressure and competitiveness, accounting for 36%; the second is to continue to study and improve academic research ability, accounting for 21%; the third is to obtain academic qualifications and degree certificates, accounting for 17%.

In the survey of the expected return on postgraduate entrance examination, 68% of the candidates thought it would be helpful to achieve the expected goal after postgraduate entrance examination, but it could not be guaranteed to achieve it. Only 31% of the candidates thought that they could achieve the expected goal.

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