The media commented on the local policy of local flavor: the Dragon seeds were planted and fleas were harvested.

 The media commented on the local policy of local flavor: the Dragon seeds were planted and fleas were harvested.

For example, the implementation of clean heating in a certain place and the imposition of a compulsory ban on coal have seriously affected the peoples warmth over the winter. Some similar soil taste policy seems to start with tall and tall, but the actual effect is cadres do not catch cold, and the masses do not buy it. Moreover, when some regions and departments carry out so-called reform and innovation, they are often confident at the beginning, but when they pay a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, they are embarrassed to find that nobody applauds, and then they quietly become rotten projects.

Dragon seeds are sown and fleas are harvested. Sometimes there are problems in the implementation process. The executive level is afraid of responsibility, accidents and feathers; either pretend to do it, shout slogans and pretend to be like it; or do it indiscriminately, brutally and brutally, regardless of the actual situation; or do not do it, have high eyes and low hands, and exert too much. Some problems lie in decision-making, or lack of investigation and research in policy-making, departure from local reality and the needs of the masses, or change from day to day, self-contradictory, capricious, immortal fights, enterprises and the masses are confused and confused.

Great dreams are not something you can wait for or shout at, but something you can spell out and do. At the Congress celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech was inspiring. In the new era, great and small reforms are surging, fearing no cause to do, no desire to do, no courage to do, no ability to do.

The recent meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee has put forward new requirements for the implementation of the central decision-making and deployment: we should pay close attention to the problems of irreverence, indifference, shouting slogans and appearances, resolutely eliminate formalism and bureaucracy, and promote the effective landing of the major decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee; but at the same time, in economic work, we should encourage cadres to take responsibility, strengthen learning and research, and be creative and consistent. We will fully implement the Party Central Committees principles, policies and work plans.

We should be strict, absolute and creative. This is the correct posture to implement the principles and policies of the Central Committee of the Party. On the one hand, we should show our tenacity to grasp the traces of iron and stamp on stones so as to ensure the implementation of all major reform initiatives in a nail spirit. On the other hand, we should not only put into practice, but also use our brains and heart to solve some real problems with wisdom and patience.

More investigation and research should be conducted to find out the situation at the grass-roots level, ask the people for advice and enhance the scientific nature of decision-making; more practical and realistic measures should be taken to improve the accuracy and refinement of policy implementation in accordance with local conditions so as to enable supply to meet the needs of the masses accurately; more mass positions should be taken to put the real needs and personal warmth of the masses in mind, and important policies and measures involving the vital interests of the masses should be broad. If we listen extensively to the opinions of the masses, we should not be bothered and try to save trouble. When the direction is clear, we should try boldly and bravely to find a way out of the thorns. For those cadres who really do something but make mistakes in improper ways, they should make good use of fault tolerance and correction to provide them with protection shield.

Practice requires courage and wisdom. If you have the ambition to be a doer, but are afraid of not having enough skills, you can learn from the 100 reform pioneers commended by the Central Committee and see how they break through the shackles, break through the fences, chew hard bones, go into dangerous beaches, and use the power of the times to lead the ideological and institutional changes. More importantly, we can draw inspiration from the important speech made by the General Secretary at the Congress celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up --- what valuable experience we have had in the past 40 years must be adhered to, how to face the current contradictions and how to move forward in the future... Then, we should emancipate our minds, devote ourselves to the ardent comprehensive deepening of reform. With a realistic and pragmatic mind, we should use all kinds of limbs that are not asylum-seeking and dare to try, and hand in the satisfactory answers of the Party and the people.