Rapper T-Pains blowout doesnt care about the trouble of lawsuits.

 Rapper T-Pains blowout doesnt care about the trouble of lawsuits.

Netease Entertainment reported Dec. 21 that T-Pain, a famous American rapper, has recently been involved in a series of legal disputes, including his lawsuit with a former brokerage company and plagiarism scandals, according to foreign media reports. On Tuesday, he expressed his disdain for these troubles on Twitter, saying he wanted to continue his life.

At noon on Tuesday, T-Pain tweeted, I just decided... Ill never care about these messes again. I want to look ahead and continue to live. In the past 13 years, I have succeeded a lot, so Im fine now.

T-Pain filed a lawsuit against his former employer, Chase Entertainment, claiming that he was owed compensation and demanding $10 million in compensation. On Dec. 11, Chase Entertainment sued T-Pain for spending more than tens of millions of dollars despite company warnings, so Chase demanded more than $10 million in compensation.

In addition to the contract dispute, T-Pains new song Thats YoMoney was accused of plagiarizing the episode of an Indian film Aashiqui 2. According to Indian media reports, the composer of the episode, Mithoon, found T-Pain and wrote to him: Sir, the melody you used in your new song is an episode I wrote for an Indian film that has already appeared, and its also my original work. My company is looking into this situation thoroughly.

Other details of the two cases have not yet been disclosed, and T-Pain and Chase have not yet responded to media requests for interviews.