Fifteen cases of embezzlement committed by the Chief Financial Officer in six years amounted to more than 74.0 million accounts of tunneling units.

 Fifteen cases of embezzlement committed by the Chief Financial Officer in six years amounted to more than 74.0 million accounts of tunneling units.

For six consecutive years, 155 crimes have been committed, and more than 74.0 million yuan of public funds have been embezzled! uuuuuuuu The corruption case of Yan Huidong, former head of Finance Department of Sangzhou Town Health Hospital, Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, became a hot topic in this period.

From June 2012 to May 2018, Yan Huidong easily arbitraged more than 740 million yuan of unit funds by making use of his position convenience, making false expenditures and forging wage lists. In August this year, Yan Huidong was sentenced to 12 yearsimprisonment for corruption and confiscation of 1 million yuan of personal property, and recovery of illegal income.

Almost as long as Yan Huidong was investigated and prosecuted, Xie Jianbiao, then president of Sangzhou Town Health Hospital and Secretary of the Party Branch, was subject to disciplinary review and supervision in June this year. Two months later, Xie was sentenced to two yearsimprisonment and three years probation for the crime of dereliction of duty of personnel in state-owned institutions. The former two presidents of the hospital were also warned and severely punished by the Party for their negligence, and the cashiers of the hospital were warned and punished by the government.

Investigators found that the crux of its success was a serious lack of supervision. In fact, Yan Huidongs means of committing the crime are not very clever. One is to make a false statement of expenditure on drugs and office supplies and draw up a false transfer cheque; the other is to forge a salary list and pay it through the online banking platform, so that the embezzled funds are transferred to the accounts under their personal control. Supervisors can find out the problems if they pay a little attention to the direction of the banks fund payment or the monthly salary list of the unit.

However, the cashier of Sangzhou Town Health Hospital is part-time by non-professionals, which makes Yan Huidong, Chief of Finance Section and Accountant, actually exercise most of the cashiers duties. Not only does it keep the financial chapter, legal person chapter and blank transfer cheque alone, but it can also arbitrarily use the U shield of online bank payment and auditing in the bank account of the institute. The mechanism of mutual supervision and restriction between accounting cashiers is nothing. The three presidents of the hospital have not paid attention to these problems, let alone rectify them. Even after the abnormal financial situation of the unit, they have not carried out comprehensive verification or taken effective measures.

When problems occur in subordinate units, relevant leaders of competent departments and heads of departments are also responsible. The Chief of Finance Section of Ninghai County Health Planning Bureau, two deputy directors in charge, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Ninghai County Health Planning Bureau and the head of the discipline inspection and supervision team assigned to Ninghai County Health Planning Bureau were respectively accountable.

At present, the county health planning bureau takes the establishment of a clean hospital as its starting point, integrates the ideas, systems, rules, disciplines and culture of clean government into the construction of a clean hospital, formulates the implementation plan for the construction of a clean government risk prevention and control mechanism, conducts an all-round investigation of clean government risk points at different levels and classifications, and comprehensively carries out 11 key items such as financial management, medical equipment procurement and drug procurement. To sort out, formulate supervision measures and tighten the system fence.

In view of the blind spots and loopholes in supervision, the County Health Planning Bureau carried out a second-level inspection of 26 medical and health units under it, and achieved full coverage within three years. Expand the scope of financial inspection, from basic households to trade unions, capital construction and other special accounts, from liabilities to accounts receivable, inventory and other assets, organize the first and second medical community financial management center personnel to cross-check the financial performance in 2018, to ensure that there is no dead end in supervision. At the same time, independent third-party accounting firms are invited to conduct in-service and out-of-office audits in an all-round way.

The County Health Planning Bureau organized more than 50 principal medical and health personnel and financial officers to attend the court hearing. It also carried out all-round clean government calligraphy and painting competitions by attending classes of honest political parties by secretaries, learning and discussing warning record of micro-corruption of public officials in health and family planning system, visiting clean government education bases, opening clean government micro-classes at fingertips, and organizing clean and clean plan clean government calligraphy and painting competitions. Publicize and educate, build up ideological defense line against corruption and change.

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, responsible editor of the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Discipline Commission