In 1960, the old man was chopped down more than 20 knives. Suspected reasons dissuaded men from writing abusive remarks about Henan people.

 In 1960, the old man was chopped down more than 20 knives. Suspected reasons dissuaded men from writing abusive remarks about Henan people.

On December 20, Ms. Li, a citizen of Zhengzhou, called Dahe Daily, Dahe Client Reporter, saying that on the morning of 19, her 60-year-old father was chopped by a man at a bus platform near the intersection of Jinshui Road and Nanyang Road in Zhengzhou. She is still in intensive care unit and is still in danger of her life. According to Ms. Li, at that time, the man wrote some words abusing Henan people on the bus stop sign, and his father came forward to dissuade him and was chopped several knives. The man was suspected of having mental problems. At present, the police have arrested the man and the case is still under further investigation.

According to Ms. Li, her father is 60 years old, a retired worker of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, and her father has only one child. Because of her fathers divorce from her mother, she lived alone and learned that her father had an accident on the afternoon of December 19. After the incident, she learned from many sources that at about 8:40 a.m. on December 19, her father, Li Mou, had breakfast. At a bus stop North of the intersection of Jinshui Road and Nanyang Road, she saw a man writing some abusive remarks about Henan people, Chinese people and some inappropriate remarks near the bus stop. Her father, out of justice, came forward to dissuade the other party. He said only two sentences, but never wanted to be right. Hidden knife, take out the knife and wield it. Among them, the fathers head, hands, shoulders, waist, back, knees and other parts were cut a total of more than 20 knives, he (father) may use his hands to block the knife, 8 of the 10 fingers were cut off. There are knife-edges on the head, shoulders and waist. Ms. Li mentioned her fathers experience and sobbed.

Ms. Li said that on the afternoon of the 19th, she rushed to the hospital and her father had been rescued in the intensive care unit. After a visit, she learned that on the morning of the 19th, after the incident, the people and traffic police in the vicinity together pressed the man on the ground and uniformed him. She learned from the police that the man surnamed Wang, 38 years old, was from Queshan County, Zhumadian, and his family was relatively poor. At present, Wang Mou has been captured by the police, but he has been reluctant to speak, The police said that the other party may have some mental problems. Ms. Li said.

At present, Ms. Lis father has opened her eyes and is still conscious, but she is still rescued in the intensive care unit and is not out of danger. According to Ms. Li, by the morning of December 20, father had spent nearly 40,000 yuan. For the fathers knife injury, medical insurance can not be reimbursed. My father is also for the sake of justice. Now he has suffered such serious injuries. Who should pay for these medical expenses? Ms. Li cried.

According to the official micro-blog announcement of Zhengzhou Nanyang Road police station, on December 19, 2018, at 8:40, an injury case occurred near the north-bound bus stop at the intersection of Jinshui Road Nanyang Road. Suspect Wang Mou (male, 38 years old, from Queshan County) and victim Li Mou (male, 60 years old, from Zhengzhou) had a dispute over trivial matters. Wang Mou stabbed Li Mou with a knife. At present, the suspect has been captured by the public security organs, and the injured have been sent to hospital for treatment. The case is being further investigated and dealt with.

On December 20, Dahe Dahe Client Journalist contacted the heads of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau and Nanyang Road Police Station for many times to verify Ms. Lis information, but no one answered the phone.

Source: Dahe Net - Dahe Newspaper Author: Editor-in-Charge of Tian Yuchen: Su Hong-hung_NBJ9980