Fathers of children with leukemia team specializing in home formaldehyde removal and formaldehyde detection

 Fathers of children with leukemia team specializing in home formaldehyde removal and formaldehyde detection

On December 2, 2018, in Chengdu, Gao Dads daughter was taking medicine in the ward.

On December 3, 2018, Chengdu, Little White Dad Anti-Pollution Team formaldehyde for a newly opened club. Wang Jianing, journalist of the New Beijing News

There is a special team in the pediatric blood ward of Sichuan Peoples Hospital. They have a prestigious name, Xiaobai Dad Anti-Pollution Team.

Xiaobai is the love term of medical staff, social workers and volunteers in hospitals for children suffering from leukemia unfortunately. And the fathers of these children have naturally become little white dads.

After the children got leukemia, the fathers began to look for the cause. Although no one has yet been able to say whether formaldehyde is the cause of leukemia. But Zhou Chenyan, deputy director of pediatrics at Sichuan Peoples Hospital, thinks that formaldehyde may be one of the causes of leukemia. In the course of diagnosis and treatment, she found that the majority of leukemia caused by pollution, of which decoration pollution is the main source.

Fathers firmly believe that formaldehyde is the root cause of disease. On May 7, 2018, under the organization of Zhang Xue, Xiaobai Daddy, several Xiaobai Daddy formed a temporary team. They and formaldehyde are dead enemies, specializing in formaldehyde detection and removal in families.

Six months after its establishment, the Anti-Pollution Team has assembled ten members to help more than a dozen families and enterprises complete the aldehyde removal work. I just thought that if I worked for a day, maybe there would be fewer sick children. Xiaobai Dad, Guo said safely.

Special Anti-Pollution Team

On November 27, more than 3 p.m., Gao Yukang knocked on the door of Zhou Chenyans office. I went to do the test. Gao Yukang stood at the door rubbing his hands. Zhou Chenyan, deputy director of Pediatrics of Sichuan Peoples Hospital, took a small box from the cabinet behind him and handed it to him. He also printed several forms from the computer and asked him to fill in the data.

Gao Yukang is a member of Xiaobai Dads Anti-Pollution Team. He is 46 years old and has obvious wrinkles on his forehead and corners of his eyes. Before 2017, he was a farmer in Yaan, Sichuan Province. He spent his life with corn, rapeseed and rice. Last year, his daughter Xiaoru, who was diagnosed with leukemia, was admitted to the pediatric blood ward of Sichuan Peoples Hospital.

Every day here is crowded and lively. The lounge chair in the corridor is crowded with children with bottles and accompanying parents. The ward is full of childrens crying and laughter. Children have a uniform dress, bareheaded, a large mask covering half of the face, boys and girls are no exception.

In hospitals, children with leukemia unfortunately have a common name, Xiaobai, which is the nickname given to them by medical staff, social workers and volunteers. And the fathers have become little white dads as a matter of course.

According to the agreement, Xiaobai Dad Gao Yukang will go to an aunts house for formaldehyde testing. Aunts new house has been renovated for more than a year. Originally, the children wanted to live in it, but they felt it smelled good and dared not live in it all the time.

The room to be tested is only sixty or seventy square meters. Opening the door is a mixture of wood and paint. Gao Yukang took the formaldehyde meter out of the box. It was a rectangular instrument, only a little bigger than the mobile phone. Reaching into the cabinet, the values on the display screen first increased several times, then dropped quickly after a few seconds, and finally fixed at 0.02.

Thats the cabinet. It tastes great. Aunt pointed to a large wardrobe in the bedroom. There were a few simple clothes hanging in the wardrobe. The rest of the space was filled with tea powder and bamboo charcoal to absorb the taste.

No problem, formaldehyde does not exceed the standard. Gao Yukang squinted and pointed to the display screen to show her aunt, The data is more than 0.1, that is exceeding the standard.

In fact, a week ago, he had been there once, but at that time the room to be tested was open and the data were inaccurate. Gao Yukang proposed to test again. For formaldehyde testing, doors and windows must be closed for more than 24 hours before the data is valid. He explained.

Team formation going out

This year, Zhang Sui, a former Xiaobai Dad, acted as an agent for an aldehyde removal company. He needed to set up a professional formaldehyde removal team in Chengdu. He thought of the fathers who stayed by the bedside.

Panzhihua man Zhang Sui is 46 years old. He is not tall. He has a round face and light eyebrows. He smiles and narrows his eyes into a crack. He is a bit like Mr. Bean, a comedy king from abroad. His son has been treated and is now fully recovered.

Zhang said that the most practical purpose of choosing Xiaobai Dad is to help them earn some pocket money to subsidize their families. Every child with leukemia can be ordered into a book by collecting the diagnostic, payment and medication documents.

Zhang Sui asked Zhou Chenyan, deputy director of pediatrics, Sichuan Peoples Hospital, for help. Zhou Chen-yan said that the average treatment time for children with acute promyelocytic leukemia is 2-3 years, and the average cost is about 150,000-250,000. Only 15% of all treatment costs are spent on chemotherapy, and much more is spent on anti-infection and supportive treatment.

Zhang Shui held a simple recruitment seminar in her pediatric hematological ward. Just after the meeting, several dads signed up on the spot.

Guo Safety from Zigong registered. Previously, he was a woodworker, thin, one meter seven, weighing only 110 kilograms. Eye sockets are deep and red blood is always hanging in them.

His daughter Xiaojis leukemia relapsed after she stopped taking medicine. This time, she was admitted to hospital facing the problem of bone marrow transplantation. The hospital told Guo that at least 300,000 people should be prepared. For this rural family, it is not easy to collect the medical expenses. The children still have a few courses of chemotherapies to pay for, and they have little money left.

After becoming Xiaobais father, Guo safely quit his job in other places, and the couple accompanied their daughter wholeheartedly for treatment. The family has no financial resources, Xiaojis treatment fees are increasing every day. Its going to be in the cabin in a few days, when the daily cost will be twice as much as it is now. Mother Guo said.

To collect money, Guo tried to go out and find a job. But it never found the right one. He needs a job that is close to the hospital, can take time to take care of children, and is competent. The most suitable opportunity was the barbecue shop opposite the hospital. The owner was satisfied with his condition, but he was told that he had to go home to cook before every meal. He couldnt stay too late at night and shook his head politely and refused.

Zhou Chen-yan also tried to introduce Xiaobais fathers work through various ways, but only two of them succeeded. And joining the anti-pollution team, dads can get 200 yuan a day.

On May 7, this grass-roots group composed of fathers of children with leukemia was officially established, specializing in formaldehyde removal and formaldehyde detection in families. They gave the team a very powerful name, Xiaobai Dad Anti-pollution Team.

The anti-pollution teams uniform is a white T-shirt and a green vest, with the words professional formaldehyde removal on its back. They are Daddy White first, then the members of the team. Zhang said that the main business of fathers is to take care of sick children. Only when the children are stable, can they take time out to do things. Therefore, the members of the team are not fixed.

I cant figure out why she got sick.

This is the second admission of 9-year-old Xiaoji. At the age of 4, she was diagnosed with leukemia by the Second Hospital of West China. When the doctor notified them with the test report, Guo Safety was unstable.

Who knows what leukemia is, who has only heard it on TV, who can think that his doll will suffer from this disease? Guo said, Xiaojis initial symptoms are fever.

On that occasion, she had a bad fever for three or four days. She was fed with antipyretics. She took it and the fever subsided. The next day her temperature rose again. Repeated for more than a week, a bottle of antipyretics almost finished, Guos mother was suspicious: Maybe its not a cold? But the child in addition to lack of energy, bad face, it seems that there are no special symptoms.

Later, Xiao Jis ear came out with a big bag, hot compress with a towel never worked, and Guos mother remembered to take her child to the hospital for examination. In the old hospital, Xiaoji was misdiagnosed as anaemia and dragged on for another month until her ears, fingers and toes turned white, blood transfusion did not improve, and then went to the big hospital to check, it was found that leukemia.

For a long time after the child got sick, Mother Guo did not understand why she got sick. They came from a small village in Yantan District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, where no one had leukemia. There is no pollution, no factories and mines, no exhaust gas in the city, all the food is from their own families, can not be healthy? After the children got sick, some people in the village even said that it must be because they did bad deeds that they got this strange disease.

In order to find out the cause of Xiaojis illness. She went through the childrens daily food and play in her mind, and finally attributed the cause to partial eating. There must be too much cold food. Dozens of ice-cream bought at home, good ice, two or three months to eat; and sugar, since childhood, sugar mix rice, do not like to eat vegetables.

But the doctor told her that sugar had no nutritional value, but it had no such effect. She was confused again.

Some parents, in order to find out the reasons, have read all the information on Baidu. They can tell the clinical symptoms and treatment of leukemia, almost half of the experts, but is not clear about the cause of the disease. Mother Guo said.

Do you have decoration pollution in your home? After each child was admitted to hospital, Zhou Chenyan always had to make routine inquiries. Mother Guo believes that her doubts are solved here. She recalled that before her second relapse, Xiaoji had lived in a house that had just been sprayed with paint.

After returning home, Xiaoji has been living in his grandfathers house. Three months before the relapse, Grandpa brushed lime and paint at home, only two months empty, and moved in with an old and young family. It doesnt matter if its just spraying paint. Who knows that for more than a month, all the hemogram indices have been abnormal. Guo Safety said. They feel that decoration pollution is the root cause of childrens illness.

Certainly related to decoration pollution

There are different views on the relationship between formaldehyde and leukemia in medical circles.

Annette M. Bachand, PhD, Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences, Colorado State University, USA, published an article entitled An Epidemiological Study and Analysis of Formaldehyde Exposure and Risks of Leukemia and Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in the Journal of Toxicological Review. The author analyzed the epidemiological literature on formaldehyde exposure, leukemia risk and nasopharyngeal cancer risk, but concluded that: Few results support the causal relationship between formaldehyde and leukemia or nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

But on June 22, Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said at the 2008 Forum on Focusing on Healthy Indoor Environment and Healthy Peak in Shenzhen that although American scientists believed that housing decoration had nothing to do with childhood leukemia, he had reservations about it. And remind you to choose environmental protection materials when decorating, do a good job of indoor air detection and other links.

Studies have shown that formaldehyde exposure is associated with leukemia mortality. But other studies have shown that there is no causal relationship between formaldehyde exposure and leukemia. Researchers from the Molecular Epidemiology Research Laboratory of Shenzhen CDC and the Department of Epidemiology and Health Statistics of the School of Public Health of Fujian Medical University published this opinion in the Journal of Chinese Occupational Medicine in June this year. Whether formaldehyde exposure is associated with the onset of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia has not yet been determined for the specific growth and development stages of children and the way in which they are exposed to chemicals.

Now it can only be said that formaldehyde is one of the causes of leukemia. Zhou Chenyan thinks, And nobody can say why formaldehyde is the cause of leukemia.

She has launched a survey among the family members of leukemia patients, asking if they have had decoration experience recently. As a result, more than 80% of families raised their hands. Her patients also have a large number of cases, some children have been exposed to decoration pollution before they get sick. Huanhuans family in Chengdu was renovated in 2015 and moved in within three months. After a month in his new house, he was diagnosed with leukemia; Xiaoyu in Ziyang was less than two years old and had a fever at home. He was diagnosed with leukemia after seven days of high fever. His mother recalled that she spent less than half a year in her new home, from pregnancy to moonlighting.

Radiation, contamination and drugs may be the inducements of leukemia. Like smoking can be said to be one of the causes of lung cancer, decoration pollution and leukemia is even weaker than this link. Zhou Chen-yan emphasized.

But the little white dads were seated in the pollution of the decoration.

Gao Yukang and others said that her daughter, Xiaoru, had lived in a new house for some time before she became ill. In 2013, the Gao family spent 500,000 yuan to build a new house in the village. After a week of renovation, the whole family moved into the new house. Living at home for two years, Xiaoru became ill.

Zhangs son experienced a relapse. In 2004, his son was diagnosed with leukemia for the first time when he was 4 years old. After three years of treatment, he was cured and stopped taking medicine for nine years. In theory, five years after the cure, the drug is completely cured. Zhou Chenyan explained.

In order to make the children live more comfortably, he changed into a bigger house. He personally went to the building materials market to select materials, using the best environmental protection materials on the market, and spent nearly 100,000 yuan on decoration. However, the child only stayed in the new house for more than a year intermittently. In the routine bone biopsy in 2016, several data indicators were abnormal, which means that leukemia recurred.

After that relapse, I think its absolutely related to decoration pollution and formaldehyde. Zhang Su said.

The year his son relapsed, Zhang Suis friends children also found leukemia. He has just entered the University campus, only half a semester, there has been repeated fever. Home check, diagnosed as leukemia.

After his illness, the family kept saying that the child had been in good health until he went to college and did not understand why he was ill. Zhang Su said. Later, the children said that they were using the new school buildings built by the school. Zhang Sui thought that the pollution caused by illness and decoration could not be separated from each other.

He also remembered that the child met a sick friend in the Sichuan Peoples Hospital. The family comes from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, which is a beautiful place with beautiful mountains and rivers. They usually eat their own vegetables. After their children were diagnosed with leukemia, the family had been looking for the cause. Later, they had been tested in an old house where they had lived for five years and found that formaldehyde exceeded the standard ten times. Its because I bought inferior furniture.

Formaldehyde that cannot be removed

After the establishment of Xiaobai Dad Anti-Pollution Team, Zhang told other fathers that the original idea of the team was to let more leukemia families know about formaldehyde. After his sons relapse, he read many books about formaldehyde and learned that the glue in composite wood flooring and furniture was the most formaldehyde-containing material in decoration materials. Especially in the north, when the temperature is higher, the formaldehyde emission will be greater. Even high-end furniture is hard to avoid.

On April 2, this year, Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce issued the results of sampling inspection of building materials for architectural decoration and decoration in 2017. The results showed that formaldehyde emission from furniture was the most serious problem. Among 23 groups of soft furniture samples, 15 groups exceeded the standard (65.2%) and 27 groups exceeded the standard (31%) of 87 groups of wood furniture samples.

Formaldehyde is colorless and tasteless, with a volatilization period of 3-15 years. So it is necessary to use professional instruments for testing. Some people think that opening windows and doors every day is enough for ventilation. In fact, it is very difficult for formaldehyde to completely volatilize. Zhang Su said.

In order to make Xiaobai Dads Anti-Pollution Team more professional, Zhang Xue rushed to Chengdu from Panzhihua to train his fathers on the job.

On May 6, three fathers wore blue medical hats and masks and practiced in an activity room in the hospital, facing furniture and walls.

The formaldehyde removal process demonstrated by Zhang Sui is not complicated. First wipe the furniture carefully with a towel, then pour some milky white purifying liquid into stainless steel spray bottle, spray the furniture from inside to outside, like spray paint, it is finished. In this way, we actually use a film to wrap formaldehyde and other harmful substances in furniture. Zhang Shui explained. It took only one day for several dads to get started.

On the first day of the formation of the battle team, the fathers received the task of going to a training institution and doing a comprehensive aldehyde removal for the classroom. Gao Yukang, Guo Security and Zhang Xue represent the battle team.

Gao Yukang, who has worked in architecture, is the main force of the battle team. They lined up the small chairs in the classroom, squatted a little bit, sprayed liquid evenly on them, even at the edges and corners. The most difficult thing in this work is to be patient and meticulous. Every place should be sprayed. Almost no formaldehyde can be contained. Gao Yukang said that this is also the advantage of Xiaobai Dads. We know more about the harmfulness of decoration pollution than other people.

Recently, Zhangs business has gradually increased. Cell phones often ring every few minutes, all of them consulting formaldehyde removal services. However, he found that in most peoples understanding, formaldehyde removal is still a concept. In addition, there are many and disorderly products and companies on the market for formaldehyde removal. Every time he answers the phone, he repeats the process and effect of formaldehyde removal.

But little white dads dont have many orders. One or two orders per month on average. Gao Yukang said. He and Guo Security have been there four or five times, and Zhou Xiaoyong has only been there once. After becoming a small white family, Guos mother also began to attach importance to decoration pollution. She said that in the rural home, decorated houses immediately live in, or even omit the delicious process, some women with children do not care. When Xiao Ji was in better condition, she took time to go home and see. Every time she went back, she tirelessly instilled the necessity of removing formaldehyde into relatives and friends. But they all think its deceptive, just say what their lives should be. Others say that we will do this business in the future and cheat them of their money. Guo Safety does not care about these statements. I just want to work for a day. Maybe a few children wont get sick. Source: Author of New Beijing News: Wang Yipengcheng, Editor-in-Charge: Su Hongju_NBJ9980

But little white dads dont have many orders. One or two orders per month on average. Gao Yukang said. He and Guo Security have been there four or five times, and Zhou Xiaoyong has only been there once.

After becoming a small white family, Guos mother also began to attach importance to decoration pollution. She said that in the rural home, decorated houses immediately live in, or even omit the delicious process, some women with children do not care. When Xiao Ji was in better condition, she took time to go home and see. Every time she went back, she tirelessly instilled the necessity of removing formaldehyde into relatives and friends.

But they all think its deceptive, just say what their lives should be. Others say that we will do this business in the future and cheat them of their money.

Guo Safety does not care about these statements. I just want to work for a day. Maybe a few children wont get sick.