Trump announced that the withdrawal of troops from Syria was opposed by the government, allies and Congress.

 Trump announced that the withdrawal of troops from Syria was opposed by the government, allies and Congress.

On December 19, President Trump suddenly announced his withdrawal from Syria. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on Dec. 20 that the Kurdish allies of the United States said they had not asked or notified beforehand that the news of the evacuation was totally unexpected. Britain also opposes the claim that the extremist group Islamic State (IS) has not yet been defeated, which may lead to the revival of IS.

US forces operating in northern Syria (Photo Source: Visual China)

Americas ally: The Islamic State is defeated? Disagree

According to the BBC, the British government opposes Trumps claim that the Islamic State was defeated. We still have a lot to do and we cant ignore the threat they pose, the Foreign Office said in a statement.

The French, on the other hand, intend to show their attitude by action. French officials said today (20) that the French army will continue to participate in the multinational coalition forces in Syria against the Islamic State (IS). Of course we are still in Syria at the moment, French Minister of European Affairs Lovazo told CNEWS. The fight against terrorism is not over yet, she stressed.

Two U.S. allies in Syria, Israeli and Kurdish diplomats, said they had not been questioned or notified, the news of the withdrawal was totally unexpected.

The U.S. -backed Syrian Democratic Army (SDF), whose main body is Kurdish militia, said in a statement on the 20th that the withdrawal decision will provide space for the revival of terrorism and create a political and military vacuum.

The SDF said that the war against the Islamic State was not over and that the Islamic State had not been defeated. SDF spokesman Aldar Xelil said no one knows the details of the withdrawal, including the U.S. military commanders here.

If Americans leave and we go to Turkey or government forces, our fate will be the same as that of the Kurds in Iraq in 1991, millions of refugees will be massacred, the Associated Press interviewed Kurdish journalist Arin Sheikmos. He also said that the present regime, Iran and Turkey will not accept our existence.

The situation in Syria in December (photo source: BBC)

Although Israeli diplomats said they had not been notified, Prime Minister Netanyahus office said in a 17-day teleconference that Trump said the United States had other ways to exert influence in the region and that Israel would study the timetable for withdrawal and its impact.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Trumps withdrawal decision was considered to have abandoned loyal allies because Turkish President Erdogan repeatedly threatened to launch a new offensive against Kurdish militias.

The Turkish government believes that the main component of the SDF, the Peoples Protection Force (YPG), is a terrorist group and part of the rebellion in Turkey. The support of the United States for the SDF has strained relations between the two NATO allies.

Bloomberg believes that the most important geopolitical assets in the United States are the web of friends and allies, which Trump is willing to destroy.

Today, when Germany and France are discussing the establishment of a European coalition force, Japan and South Korea are allegedly considering developing nuclear weapons, it is not the right time for the United States to withdraw from Syria, which will disappoint its allies.

Trump tweeted, We have defeated IS in Syria, which is the only reason for the U.S. military to stay there during my presidency.

Republican: Its a huge Obama mistake

According to CNN, the White House discussed the time and speed of the withdrawal in a hurry on the 19th, and then announced that the withdrawal had begun. No Presidents speech was arranged, and no specific details were provided.

Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, was interviewed by CNN reporters after returning from the White House on the 19th.

He said he went to Trump for a meeting and waited to learn that the meeting had been cancelled. I feel shocked that the government has made such a decision.

Its hard to imagine a president who would just communicate and prepare and wake up and make such a decision, Kolk said. I mean, I think were going to pull out.

Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator and top supporter of Trump and a member of the House Military Committee, called the withdrawal decision a huge Obama mistake.

The withdrawal of U.S. troops at this time is a great victory for the Islamic States, Iran, Syrias Bashar al-Assad and Russia, he said in a statement. The withdrawal will have disastrous consequences.

According to Colk, at the Republican luncheon in the Senate, members of Congress expressed their dissatisfaction to Vice President Burns. Colk called him sad because Burns had to act as a special envoy to face angry congressmen.

The U.S. military has only about 2,000 people in Syria, but it provides Kurds with operational guidance, communications, air cover, and equipment supplies.

Trump Government Team: Ignored by Trump

According to the Washington Post, the U.S. National Security Team has been supporting a military presence in Syria.

James Jeffrey, the US Special Representative to Syria, said publicly earlier that he would stick to his commitment to Syria. Defense Minister Matisse said in August that the U.S. military will remain in Syria until progress is made on the political track of the Syrian issue.

In September, National Security Adviser Bolton also said, As long as the Iranian army does not leave, the U.S. military will not leave Syria. Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in early December that the U.S. military still has a long way to go in Syria to help train local forces to combat IS.

A senior U.S. government official told CNN that the decision to withdraw troops from Syria was a huge mistake, and President Trump did not see the consequences of endangering the United States.

The official added: Senior officials from all departments of the U.S. government agreed that the presidents decision, regardless of the consequences, put the United States and its allies at risk, enabled the rebuilding of the Organization of the Islamic States, and gave strategic victory to our rivals, Syria, Iran and Russia.

According to the Associated Press, the United States began air strikes on the Islamic State in 2014, and then sent ground troops to assist Kurds. Now Trump suddenly announced that their mission had been completed in a Twitter.

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