Hollywood Black List of Playwrights in 2018

 Hollywood Black List of Playwrights in 2018

Netease Entertainment reported Dec. 20 that Hollywoods script blacklist was released in 2018, according to foreign media reports. Among the top 11 + playwrights, some of the themes are striking such as Deng Wendis feature film Growing from Chinas slums to the most powerful women in the West. The list was compiled on the advice of more than 300 film industry executives. The scripts were completed in 2018 and did not start shooting in that year. It took seven or more votes to make the list.

Frat Boy Genius, 36 votes, screenwriter Elissa Karasik, synopsis:

Snapchat, a disgruntled employee, recounts the rise of her former Stanford classmate, prominent bastard and current boss Evan Spiegel.

Telling the true story of Richard Williams, the shrewd, pragmatic and indomitable father nurtured two tennis geniuses who later became superstars, Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

Get Home Safe, 34 votes, screenwriter Christy Hall, plot brief:

A young woman had to go home alone on Halloween night. Her cell phone was dead and a group of people wanted to harass her.

Drudge, 30 votes, Cody Brotter, Synopsis:

The story of the bizarre Internet journalist Matt Draghi who exposed the Lewinsky scandal and nearly ousted former US President Clinton comes from a desktop computer in his one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood.

Promising Young Woman, 30 votes, Emerald Fennell, Synopsis:

A womans best friend committed suicide after being abused. Years later, she was still heartbroken and in a dilemma between revenging her friend and continuing her life.

Cobweb, 29 votes, screenwriter Chris Thomas Devlin, plot brief:

Barrett was a social media influence and the worst person ever. He eventually became the President of the United States. Dixie was a tough freedom fighter who came back in 2076 and killed Barrett before he ruled the world and destroyed the future. They hated each other, but fell in love accidentally.

Analytica, 21 votes, screenwriter Scott Conroy, plot brief:

Talking about the story between Cambridge Analytica, a British data analysis company, and Christopher Wylie, a former research director of the company, this year Wylie exposed the companys scandal of leaking Facebook user data.

A recovering member of the Anonymous Alcohol Abstinence Association decided to reconcile her high school sweetheart, and soon found that her love for horses might have some darker, more vicious connections.

Some other scripts besides 11:

The King of Cool, 9 votes, screenwriter Jon Dorsey, brief introduction to the plot:

Mamba, 9 votes, screenwriter Mike Schneider, plot brief:

According to reports, court records and police interviews, Kobe Bryans identity assault at the beginning of 2000 was recorded.

Tell Deng Wendis story: An ambitious girl from Chinas slums controls everything in her own way, marries media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, and becomes one of the most powerful women in the Western world.

Tiger Woods and Irene Nordegrens marriage was torn apart by the most famous sex scandal in sports history, hiding in their Florida mansion from the media and police and busy cleaning up the mess.