After 4 days of overnight games in Internet cafes were sent to ICU to wake up: Why stop playing games?

 After 4 days of overnight games in Internet cafes were sent to ICU to wake up: Why stop playing games?

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Young Internet Cafe fighting four days and four nights were sent to the ICU to wake up and still do not reflect: Why stop playing games? (Source: ~)

On December 18, Guangji Hospital of Hezhou, Guangxi, received a patient. In his early 20s, after playing games for four consecutive days and nights in a local Internet cafe, the patient fainted on the roadside when he left the Internet cafe in the early morning. Fortunately, he was found by passers-by and sent to the local hospital. The patient was transferred to Guangji Hospital for treatment of vague consciousness, tremor, incontinence and other symptoms.

The doctor initially decided that the patient was likely to have an accident in the cerebral blood vessels or pesticide poisoning. After the initial first aid, the patient was immediately sent to the Department of critical medicine for comprehensive treatment. Xie Feiming, a doctor, said that after thorough examination, including blood routine deepening and craniocerebral CT, cerebrovascular accidents were excluded, but the deepening showed that the pancreatic function of the patient was obviously damaged, and the crisis value was exploded, and the myocardial enzymes were also damaged.

After several days of treatment, the patient was finally out of danger. It is understood that the parents of the patients are busy with their livelihoods all the year round. Although they know Xiao Tan loves to surf the Internet, they neglect to discipline their son. Before the hospital bed, facing the parentseducation, the patients still did not realize their mistakes. When asked if he had ever thought of quitting the game, he answered, What is it about quitting the game?

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