Trumps signature of the Equivalent Entry into Tibet Bill 2018: China resolutely opposes it

 Trumps signature of the Equivalent Entry into Tibet Bill 2018: China resolutely opposes it

On December 20, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying presided over a regular press conference.

Q: US President Trump signed the Equivalent Entry into Tibet Bill 2018. How do you respond to that?

A: We firmly oppose the US sides insistence on signing the so-called Equivalent Entry into Tibet Bill 2018 passed by the US Congress. As China has pointed out on many occasions, the bill seriously violates the basic norms of international relations, interferes in Chinas internal affairs roughly, sends a serious wrong signal to the separatist forces of Tibetan independence, and seriously endangers Sino-US exchanges and cooperation.

It must be emphasized that Tibetan affairs are purely Chinas internal affairs and should not be interfered by any foreign forces. Tibet in China and other four provinces and regions are open to people from all over the world. Since 2015, nearly 40,000 people have visited Tibet in the United States alone. Considering the special geographical and climatic conditions, it is absolutely necessary and justifiable for the Chinese government to take certain measures to manage the entry of foreigners into Tibet according to law and regulations. We will never accept the accusations made by the relevant US bills against China that ignore the facts and are prejudiced. If the United States puts this law into effect, it will cause serious damage to bilateral relations and exchanges and cooperation in important areas. China will take effective measures to resolutely safeguard its own interests.

Chinas opening to the outside world will only get bigger and bigger, and Tibet will become more and more open. China welcomes more foreigners to visit, travel and do business in Tibet, China. This policy will not change, but only if we abide by Chinese laws and relevant regulations and carry out necessary procedures.

We urge the US side to fully recognize the high sensitivity of Tibet-related issues, stop using Tibet-related issues to interfere in Chinas internal affairs and refrain from putting the law into effect, otherwise the US side will be solely responsible for the consequences arising therefrom.

Despite Chinas objection to the signing of the Tibetan Travel Equivalence Law with the International Law Trump

According to the official website of the White House, US President Trump signed the Tibetan Travel Equivalence Act on the 19th local time, making it a formal law of the United States. The law claims to be a counterattack against Chinas restrictions on foreigners, including Americans, entering Tibet. According to the bill, the Chinese government must allow American journalists, diplomats and tourists unrestricted access to Tibet; the Secretary of State of the United States must submit annual reports to Congress to identify Chinese officials involved in relevant restrictive policies, who will be restricted to the United States.