Five-star red flag flying in Taipei Street Unity faction shouted: Fake Taiwan independence rolled out

 Five-star red flag flying in Taipei Street Unity faction shouted: Fake Taiwan independence rolled out

Taiwans unified faction holds high the five-star red flag (Tuyuan: United News Network)

Overseas Network, 12th, 20th? On the occasion of the 2018 Taipei Shanghai City Forum, several five-star red flags were flying in the streets of Taipei, and unified people on the island shouted false Taipei independence and roll back!

According to Taiwans United News Network, today (20) the Shanghai and Taipei Shuangcheng Forum was held at Taipei Jinghua Hotel. Around 9 a.m., many unified groups such as the China Democratic Progressive Party and 333 political party alliance gathered outside the venue. They held up the five-star red flag to welcome the Shanghai delegation to Taiwan, and from time to time shouted the slogan Taiwan independence does not kidnap Taiwan, everyone should fight for economy. Around 11 a.m., when the participants left, members of the China Unification Promotion Party gathered outside the venue held a five-star red flag and shouted a family on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, share the Chinese dream.

Five Star Red Flag in Taipei Street (Tuyuan: United News Network)

The Shanghai delegations visit to Taiwan was warmth can be felt everywhere. Yesterday (19), many Taiwanese people held banners and warmly welcomed the Shanghai delegation to Taiwan. Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe, speaking at the welcome banquet of the Shuangcheng Forum on the evening of 19, said that as long as the spirit of family members across the Straits is upheld, cross-strait relations will be peaceful and stable, and a win-win situation of mutual benefit will be achieved.

However, there are also some murmurs in this forum. Today (20) outside the Shuangcheng Forum, there are Taiwan Independence elements clamouring one country on one side. Subsequently, the unified faction strongly choked back false Taiwan independence, get back! Some intra-island netizens also believe that they do not need to pay attention to these so-called Taiwan independence elements, after all, Taiwan has noindependence, only mouth guns.

Yesterday (19) a independent broke into the Songshan Airport lobby, holding a cloth strip to shout one country on one side, and was later removed from the scene by the police. Taiwanese netizens angrily denounced the troublemaker as the Joker of Leaping Beams and monkeys playing monkey games. Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe also shouted to the protestors that visitors are visitors and should be courteous.

The Taiwan Independence molecule was shelved from the scene (Tuyuan: Taiwan media)

Li Wenhui, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government, introduced that the 2018 Taipei Shanghai Urban Forum was held in Taipei on December 20. The two sides will sign three new items on the basis of signing 30 memorandums of cooperation. Zhou Bo, the executive vice mayor of Shanghai, will head a delegation to Taipei to attend the forum.

It is reported that the forum will focus on circular economy in Shanghai and Taipei, with the theme of sustainable urban development, and make in-depth exchanges around health industry, culture, public housing and urban renewal, environmental protection and public services.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310