Twenty years later, beating a teacher: Why is it wrong to say that it is not too late for a gentleman to revenge?

 Twenty years later, beating a teacher: Why is it wrong to say that it is not too late for a gentleman to revenge?

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20 years later blocking fan teacher man: he hit me that year (source: original)

The man Changmou of Luanchuan County in Henan Province met Zhangmou, a junior high school teacher 20 years ago, and beat him up. As he slapped and cursed, Do you remember how I was cut 20 years ago?

Video has been widely circulated on the Internet and attracted the attention of the public and the media. The latest news is that Changmou was caught by the police when he brushed his ID card at Hangzhou East Railway Station to get on the bus.

Such a trifle, put in the past, may not even be the social news page of tofu. But with the help of social media, these two days have generated extraordinary attention.

1. Changmous revenge on teachers is a kind of combination boxing

In fact, the incident happened in early July (Chang Mou said in June, maybe the lunar calendar), when two young people (one was Chang Mou who started to work) parked the off-road bike on the roadside, saw Zhang Mou coming by on a battery bike, Chang Mou stopped him, confirmed that he was the teacher of that year, and began to beat him.

Its hardly a pure encounter but more like deliberate revenge - the so-called gentleman revenge, ten years later, these slaps to the teacher, he has waited for 20 years.

After the accident, the victim Zhang Mou did not call the police. But Changmous videos were eventually uploaded to the Internet, which further fermented. According to the schools written alarm complaint, many teachers were angry.

Changmou assaulted Zhangmou, a specific case of public order, eventually rose to student assaults teacher, the local police dare not neglect it, treat it as an important case.

Chang Mous revenge on his teacher is actually a combination boxing.

Slap your face. Its bodily harm. But this did not hurt the teachers body, after the accident Zhang was also in normal class;

The slap was accompanied by verbal humiliation, but the teacher also whispered apologies when he was beaten.

Make videos, upload networks, and make humiliation public. Although Chang said that the video was not uploaded by him, it was actually taken by him and disseminated.

It reminds us of the teachers corporal punishment of students. For a child, the physical damage is not much, and it is not the most serious. Influencing studentsgrowth is often accompanied by corporal punishment.

_The suspected beater often responds by himself.

Such humiliation, if not properly resolved, is enough to turn a child into another person. If Chang Mous statement is true, he is a destroyed child from his behavior. Over the past 20 years, hatred of teachers has accompanied him. I dont believe that such a person will be friendly to the world.

2. The assault was regarded by many as revenge on their own behalf.

On the Internet, many people hailed the revenge. This reflects a reality: in many places, there may be widespread violence against students by teachers. Most people only digest in silence and rarely raise their fists and wave to their teachers when they grow up.

_Comments of netizens under this article.

In the opinion of supporters, a teacher often assaulted his teacher, to some extent, to avenge himself, which is a revenge of students to the teacher. There is a psychological compensatory effect.

Nowadays, it is generally accepted that teachers can no longer punish children corporally, which is the progress of civilization. In the past 20 years, the status of children has been greatly improved. They are not only the core of the family, but also in the relationship with teachers.

This increase in status, in turn, makes parents more sensitive to corporal punishment. They pay special attention to their children and search for signs of corporal punishment on them. The relationship between teachers and students has become tense, corporal punishment has been greatly reduced, but the education of love that people call for has not arrived.

Therefore, this violence against teachers has a very complex significance. Its normal for different people to see different faces.

3. Did he really feel happy after the teachers fight?

But what worries us is the widespread praise of revenge. Chang Mou was a victim at first, and eventually became a perpetrator. He would be punished as he deserved, but whether this kind of revenge can really release his inner hatred and cure his past psychological distortion is still unknown.

In other words, the beating of teachers may not be the end of pain, but the beginning of new pain.

What would he think of the legal penalties he would face? Would you associate your losses with teachers or schools? Are you thinking about new revenge?

Of course, denying this revenge does not mean defending teachers who are prone to violence. Teachers who exceed the normal disciplinary boundaries cannot be forgiven either.

Revenge is a complex psychological act, which usually does not lead to liberation, but to destruction. This inherent mental damage is not felt by many melon eaters.

If I meet Chang Mou, I want to ask him: Are you really happy?

The moment Chang Mou waved his fist to his teacher, he became a perpetrator.

It is hard to say whether this is a liquidation, revenge or the completion of education.

Source of this article: Author of New Beijing News: Zhang Fengs Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284